CIS 5.12 X CIS 8.2 ?

Hi all.

I need some help here.

I need “full” the release notes of CIS 5.12 and 8.2 so I can make a comparative of functionality and usability between these two editions.

My goal is to decide to rollback to v5.12 or not. If the 5.12 edition can catch up with 8.2 in defending against malwares so ill roll back to v5. If not, Ill start searching for another security solution.

Please, try to make this topic a good place to find informations about this subject and do not flame thing high.

I remember that sometime I saw a webpage, from comodo, listing all the features of previous version of CIS (dont know what versions). Is this still avaliable for 5.12 and for 8.2? If not, can some dev, Melih himself, or mods, help this topic and post these tips about these two editions?

v5.12 is faster, simplier and stronger than v8.2 when it comes to usability and intuitivness. But in malware detection/prevention/cleanning, is cis v5.12 better or not? ignoring HIPS and the new behaviors of sandbox, what is your veredict about these 2 editions?

Its a research for personal use and for making decisions about my clients security.

Hi yro,
Release notes version 3 to version 8.2-Comodo.

Kind regards.

5.12 is missing.

It would be usefull to know when a bug was introduced.
Between 5.10 and 7 are many bugs fixed. For example, 200 and only a few are named.

After 7 are still some fixed that are security related, but we dont know when they were introduced.

Hi clockwork,
5.12 added support for Win 8.

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thanks sticks.

about bugs… well… using 5.12 in my computer and my clients, i never experienced any bugs, so, if the protection is still the same with the two editions, I should go back to the classic one.

You are welcome yro,
Quite a few users are using older versions with no serious issues.

Kind regards.

I read the fixed bugs notes. Some were security related.

well, i saw the release notes too and I was thinking that the “bugfixes” are related to bugs in the versions like for example:

a bug fix in something related to something on cis 6.x.x.x. This bug fix is related to cis 6, not to a bug on previous edition. And thats what I can tell about all the bugfixes related on this releasenotes, about any cis edition. I can confirm it because all the bugfixes (except the gui lags on cis 6, 7 and 8) are related to bugs that I never had on cis 5.12.

please, if anybody wants to help, please make a video or review in words about the cis 5.12 and latest cis 8.2 so we can compare the two products and see if its really necessary to upgrade something that was great to something thats not so great, atleast when talking about the cis interface and gui lags/hangouts.

Hi, I was still using comodo firewall 3.14 with hips until 2 months ago and never had any problem with viruses (or ‘legimite’ software that wants too much), even though I test malware out occasionally (to become familiar with their behaviour.)

After install, it asks ‘Are you sure your computer is clean?’, then answer ‘no.’ And of course disable ‘trust software from trusted developers’ and stuff like that. Nothing will happen on your computer if you don’t approve.

I didn’t like version 5, 6, 7, skipped those… but I’m beginning to like the new v8.2, especially the layout.

But still, with version 3.9, I felt more in control.