CIS 5.12 problem

hi all.
first of all I love CIS, but prefer the older 5.12 version over the new ones.
so please help me resolve this, but do not tell me to update from 5.12
i do not want version 6 7 or 8 or whatever ones are out now.

I used to run xp pro with sp2, without much trouble,
Now I am running windows xp pro with service pack 3 and all updates and IE 8.
Normally id have no issue installing and updating with sp2, but i’ve needed to get sp3.

Since using sp3 i’ve been able to install CIS 5.12.256249.2599 just fine no problems,
But trying to update from the original definitions file from the install seems impossible.

I see the virus database was updated on “Never Updated”.

when i try to update, cis downloads the updates, applies the updates, finalizes up to 90%
then gets slow and returns a message saying…
“failed to update the virus signature database.
please check your internet connection and try again later.”

I have tried many many uninstalls and re-installs but get the same results each time.
(yes i cleared all old files in safe mode before each attempt)

I can manually add the updated database in safe mode, but cannot update from CIS.
also even after adding the new definitions (.cav file) and they show in “about”,
i still see the virus database was updated on “Never Updated”.

even with new definitions i click update now, it goes through the process mentioned above,
then fails at 90% again.

  • also i have run the diagnostic but it completes without any trouble,
    says it couldn’t find any problem with the install.

if i recall correctly, someone mentioned before it was a problem with the cfp file.
(i’m not sure)

some help resolving this without having to update CIS to a new version,
would be appreciated.

Hey can you please share the solution? Because i am having exactly the same problem! My older PC needed format and so i reinstalled Windows XP SP3. I didn’t want to use a newer version, like you, because version 5.12 is still the best (fast and the GUI is very clear and straightforward). But when i try to update virus definitions, after 90% returns the same message like the one you mention: “failed to update the virus signature database. please check your internet connection and try again later.”

Hey can you please share the solution?

This solution might or might not work for others with similar problem,
being uncertain i did not think it was worth mentioning as i am not sure it is a fix or not.

But anyway, this is what i tried…

1- re-installed older win xp with service pack 2.
2- then upgrade/ install the newest service pack 3 from microsoft.
3- then install internet explorer 8 , internet explorer 8 was last version for xp.
4- then install the CIS 5.12 and I was able to update the definitions.

I have no idea if this will resolve anyones issues but it might help.

I run the update definitions every day.
I experience no such connections issues and the updates install without error.
I use CIS 8.2

hi John Buchanan,
this post was more to do with issues in version 5.12 and not version 8 series.
many don’t like version 8 or its layout, and prefer 5.12 such as myself.

I needed to try this same method again but it did not work a 2nd time.
and now i’m back to original update failures like many others.
(hence the reason for re-editing this post)

I do not want to upgrade CIS to version 8 I am not happy with how the new versions have changed since version 5.12 many of us still prefer the older versions for windows xp sp2-sp3.

would appreciate additional help to resolve this.
(also filed a request with comodo in hopes of resolving this issue)

When this happens, in my experience, unfortunately there’ s only one recourse: manual installation of full A/V defs.

Go here: to get the latest full A/V defs bases.cav.

Or go HERE: Where can i download the latest full AV database? FAQ

The latter will require an archive program so as to extract the full A/V defs contained in the .Z archive, e.g., WinRAR or 7-Zip. Moreover, the .Z file that it encloses will need to be renamed to bases.cav.

Step 1: download either file to a place where you can find it
Step 2: boot into safe-mode
Step 3: navigate to the CIS installation folder
Step 4: delete the Quarantine folder
Step 5: delete /scanners/bases.$$$ if it exists
Step 6: copy the downloaded bases.cav, or extract the contents of bases.cav.z into /scanners
Step 7: if necessary rename BASE_END_USER_vX.cav to bases.cav
Step 8: reboot
Step 9: check CIS A/V defs version in MORE, ABOUT (it should be the latest)
Step 10: once the out-of-date notification presents itself, click ‘update now’

If in Step 9 the current tA/V defs are shown to be older version, a backup copy pulled out of /repair is being reverted to at boot. THAT intimates there’s something wrong with the downloaded full A/V defs. That is a known problem. I’ve found its a VERY good idea to save the current /scanners/bases.cav as bases.bak before installing any full A/V defs DB. That way you can always fall back to what ever you had prior to A/V defs failing, and discovering the full A/V defs is also horked. When that happens it takes CIS servers weeks to get that straightened out.

The forgoing nevertheless, only the specific incremental definitions released since the full defs DB was published will subsequently download, install and become initialized. The ABOUT should reflect the current version. Subsequent updates two or three days later should only require a few 10KB incremental files to download and install.

Hi WxMan1,
i find i needed to put the new cav file in both scanners and repair when i’ve done it in safe mode.
if i do not when i reboot it defaults to the old one which in my case was always the default #1 file.
many times when i tried to re-install comodo i could not get it to auto update from the default def file.
that came in the installer.

I have a question about the 2 different downloads…
Is there any actual difference between the 2, besides 1 being a .cav file and 1 being a .cav.z file?
like does one file have anything different than the other file?
ive tried both but was curious which is the best to try.