CIS 5.12 Official Online Installer

If anyone still uses version 5 or want to use version 5 & dont want to download the huge installer with all the additional softwares, here is an official online installer for CIS 5.12 that gives you the option to download & install the softwares you want. FW (D+) + AV is app 40 MB. 5.12 was the last version of version 5.

Does version 5.12 still receive antivirus updates and if so how long will 5.12 receive those av updates.?


I think you forgot to provide us with a link.

It does. We don’t know for how long but it will be a while when comparing to the current situation. Comodo still provides the databases for v4 at this point in time as can be seen at Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

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Will Version 5.12 :P0l protect against CryptoLocker?