CIS 5.12.252301 Crashed my PC Set-Up

Hi folks,

I had to update from Avira 2012 to 2013 … so it tells me that I have to remove “Conflicting” AV & AM (Anti-Malware) before installing it … so I removed all my AV including Comodo Firewall 5.10.228257.2253.

So , I then installed Avira 2013 A-OK. When I tried installing the newest Comodo Firewall using Comodo Internet Security 5.12.252301 … the darn Comodo installed Comodo Dragonm and Geek Buddy and then Comodo Firewall … fine … so I was curious about Comodo Dragon Browser and I did Not care that it forceably made my Homepage Yahoo … since I am against Nosey Google …

BUT, here is my darn problem … something in Comodo install CHANGED the looks of Vista Home Prem. X64 … my Taskbar lost it’s pretty look, now it looks Choppy and it is like Windows 95 or even before that … Also, it deleted some of my Taskbar Shortcuts … WTF … I am really ■■■■■■ …

In my Stupidity I did not even set-up a Restore Point before installing Comodo or Avira.

So, no matter how many darn times I installed and uninstalled Comodo FW, it did NOT fix my problem.
Also, it keep reverting back to the SAME Install Start Page … No Matter WHICH version I go for … since I have some of the Older Versions saved up for just such a rainy day.

BTW, I saw someone suggesting to use REVO Uninstaller … but the Uninstaller is X32 so it will Not see Comodo FW, since it is x64.

Q1: How can I get back my Normal Vista Look back on Taskbar and etc.? 88)

Q2: How can I install Comodo FW … so it is NOT acting up? ???

If I have missed any other Q, please provide feedback.


G! :slight_smile:

So, no-one has any feedback on my Problem!?!? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t have Win8 experience to answer your question. You didn’t specify OS, but 5.12 being Win8 I have to assume that is your OS.

Hi John Buchanan,

My OS is Vista Home Premium. X64.

So, what I did I uninstalled Comodo and used Windows “Restore” function and went back 1 day … and I got my Aero look back. I reinstalled Avira 2012 (and Not 2013) just to be safe.

But I am Scared to death to install Comodo FW, any version of it … thinking that it might Crash my system again. I tried reinstalling Firewall portion of CIS 5.10.228257 but I still got the ■■■■■■ Splash Screen Forcing Comodo Dragon and Geek Squad junk … so, I did Not want to RISK anything.

I used to SWEAR by Comodo and Argue with anyone who try to say some other Firewall was better … but I am not sure if I feel that way anymore.

Q: BTW, why is it in this Forum ONLY, when I post a Reply, it takes me back to the Index Page?
Can I just Reply and then I can OPT to go wherever I want to go … this is an ODD Forum Set-up … or am I doing something wrong!!! VERY Annoying!

Would Appreciate any Help!

Thanks again!

G! :slight_smile:

Hi gonwk,

If you over come being ’ scared to death ’ about reinstalling Comodo FW :wink: please try the following:-

Use the uninstaller tool found here -;msg511531#msg511531

Then when installing Comodo FW at the bottom of the main install screen ( see screenshot ) choose ’ Customise install ’ then on the following screen ( second screenshot ) you can uncheck the Comodo Dragon and Geek Buddy choices and just install the FW.

:-[ I used Vista from it’s release until taking the plundge to Win 8, and there was many a time that programs didn’t install properly and had to have two or three goes !

( Hope-This-Helps ) :-TU

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Hi gonwk,
You can set it to return to the topic after posting if that helps.
Go to your user profile, navigate to Look and Layout Preferences and tick Return to topics after posting by default then click Change profile.

Hi folks,

Dolphin66, Thanks for the link and the 2 jpg’s. I was ROFL with your comment if I get over my being “Scared To Death” … Thanks!

Q1: I noticed that you Opt for the “Cloud Based Analysis” … does this option become Too Annoying or Intrusive?

BTW, I have been using Avira 2012, plus SpywareBlaster, with Windows Vista Firewall … and it seems A-OK! I know on Comodo page shouldn’t be asking this … Q2: Isn’t this Enough protection?

CaptainSticks, Thanks for the Tip on my Profile thingy … I would have never thought it would be there … Thanks again!

I will post back my results.

Thanks again folks!


Hi gonwk,

Glad that brightened your day ;D

Unfortunately as I was in the office I just used a generic screenshot to show about the customization option at the bottom so as to not install Dragon or GeekBuddy :slight_smile: The “Cloud Based Analysis” is another line of defense in that if a file is not recognized it is checked against a far more ‘up-to-date’ database at COMODO. ( If anyone feels I have explained this wrong, please feel free to correct :slight_smile: ) Annoying - No as it is all done silently in the background and I have never found it intrusive.

Windows Firewall is very basic, so I would at least install CFW for the added protection. I used to use Avira, but then I changed over to COMODO Internet Security and haven’t looked back. If it is the free version of Avira why not ‘Go-For-It’ and move over to CIS ;D

As in the words of the song Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann
" Do one thing everyday that scares you " :-TU


If you put passwords in your scripts that you don’t want Comodo to get, then disable “Cloud Based Analysis”. You can still send files to Comodo without it enabled.

Thankfully, Comodo gives the users that option. Most other cloud utilization companies just steal your data regardless of whether you would have wanted them to or not: They have a steal first, answer questions later policy.