CIS 5.10

Can I get a link to CIS 5.10?

I have been unable to use CIS 6.0 in my XP SP3. After installing CIS works fine on the first day . The antivirus full scan does not show anything… there isn’t any untrusted files in HIPS, but, after 1-2 days the system gets slowed down too much. The XP logs in about 5-15 minutes… yes its a slower system with 512 MB RAM!!! but without CIS 6.0 it logs in just 1-2 minutes.

After one or two days the login takes as much as 5-15 minutes, as if the computer is hanged. Even if I wait endlessly for 10-15 minutes and gets to the start screen, the operation is never smooth. It takes a lot of time to even open an MS word file. At the time of shut down, it would hang at ‘saving your settings’… (it happened atleast 2 times) if I hard boot after waiting for say 10-20 minutes, the system file under system32-config gets corrupted and I have to format the XP. Tried 3-4 times with CIS, but in vain. As a habit, after installing XP I just install CIS and would do a scan and then only install anything else, including the network drivers.

Now the computer is with just MSE, booting and working fine with regular speed, but, as always, feels insecure without Comodo! All the downloads direct to CIS 6.0. Can you give a link for CFP 5.10 or CFP 5.9 so that I can have atleast a simple Comodo Firewall??

Hi layman,
Filehorse CIS

Yeah got it after reading that old school gui topic, but only after creating this topic. Any way Thanks. Anxiously awaiting for the update to CIS 6.0.

No problems, yes let us hope the update solves some issues. :slight_smile: