CIS 5.10 with IObit Malware Fighter Pro

I just wonder by running CIS 5.10 with IObit Malware Fighter Pro would it make CIS 5.10 run less affective?

On the other hand, having them both running will it give my PC great Protection.

so to anyone who knows can you advice me.



No Iobit malware fighter pro wont provide extra security along with CIS but if you already paid for it then its ok to use it along with CIS
if you wana know more about security configs you can check this site for advance configs and feel free to ask anything about protection and stuff

Thanks for that Info loveboy_lion.

I will keep it running the way it is. Mind you I just had a quick look deep inside that progam I spoke about and it said : Fully compatible with All Antivirus Products Everyone needs qualified antivirus software, and IObit Malware Fighter will surely be the best mate for your current antivirus. < so I will take their word.

I have looked at that site, and I wll join it to get more info

Thanks for your help



I have dumped IObit Malware Fighter Pro! it was not as good as I thought, so I thought I would say.



Iobit malware fighter free sucks. idk about the paid version

I agree with you andrei1997

I tried the paid version as well and was OK. I’m not going to rave about it. I did a few tests with a few sites, and it failed on some and good on the others.

So If I was you! I would go for the paid option! Give it a good test, then see how you feel about it.

Once after you testing it, and you feel it’s not that good for you then choose the refund option since you get 30 days

I wish you the best on what ever you do




i dont’ love IOBit
==> IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property - Malwarebytes News - Malwarebytes Forums

This is incredibly OLD news.
Probably best left unsaid :-X

I use IObit toolbox . I like it.

That from 2 years ago and I don’t think Iobit is stealing anymore definitions from malwarebytes.

I am new to the Testing Av products thing Still Learning from websites I find on the internet that have good info on zero day malware. I am stuck with windows 7 home premium so I can’t really open up a good virtual machine. so If you can give me tips or help. I would greatly appreciate it.

I don’t see why you can’t open up a good virtual machine in 7 home premium, but in any case, if it’s limited hardware that’s the problem then this may help:

Backing up your MBR is also important. In any case, having separate systems to do your testing is better. This method of testing not only ensures I know which suites are good at what they do, but it also helps me understand further what could have been the cause of the failed detections, whether they were justifiable or not. It also ensures that all the malware will work accordingly (since I’ve discovered in one of my tests, some of them are able to detect sandboxes and vm’s, and refuses to run if in one).

Analyzing malware behavior also allows you to develop methods to counter or better yet, prevent malware from activating or at the very least, spreading. This method helped me recognize the use of NTFS file format in helping minimize the damage and spreading of Autorun Viruses as well as how to detect, bypass, and finally eliminate shortcut viruses at a time they were still proliferate and many went undetected.

As per OS choice, that’s entirely up to you and your hardware. Some work, some doesn’t. You can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. The process I use is rather time-consuming and difficult. It can still be improved, but I no longer do tests. It’s up to you if you’d choose the same method or another. :smiley: Good luck!