CIS 5.10 video Malware test - tweaked settings - (Biozfear14)


This is a well performed CIS 5.10 test made by our member Biozfear on

Using Chiron’s Guide and Max Settings

Tweaked settings:

Cool test. I’m pretty new to CIS and just set up according to Chrion’s guide. Thanks.

You are welcome, now you can see what CIS will do for you :slight_smile:

There are many malicious installers in it.

yes, they comes mostly from our malware hub

sandbox levels:

partially limited → protected by CIS alone

limited or above → protected by CIS and “MS Windows OS”


Hi guys, one comment: The files on this test, along with the previous CIS 5.10 untweaked test were not from MalwareTips hub. Reason why Umbra said it came from there is because on my tests and reviews I always use the files from the hub.

Just to let you know.


Very good review :-TU

One question: do you think it’s needed to add some rules for other softwares, such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, emule, torrent? If so, do you have any suggestion for those rules?

Thanks :smiley:

just allow them when D+/Firewall ask.

If you want protect them from malware’s manipulation , install EMET and add them to it.

So, no need of any rule to allow TCP/UDP traffic on some ports only?

What settings? I do not see your settings in this video step by step!

Hi there. I used the exact settings of Chiron’s guide (link was provided), plus Max settings with was described actually on both the link given by Umbra and the Youtube Video Description:

Such settings were:
Heuristics set to High and Scan changed to On Demand

Those were the only settings changed after following Chiron’s guide.

Good configuration there.