CIS 5.10 and Kingsoft Office Documents

When I install this software, my documents become like this. How to fix? >:(

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Maybe a problem with trying to open and scan the document markup as its loaded, while updating the virus definitions at the same time? Does the same happen when the av is not updating?

It still happened after AV updating. Nothing is in the sandbox, nothing partial/limited, nothing on D+ reports.
I experimented after a computer rollback. So yes, I believe Comodo has done that.

Make sure that the files for Kingsoft are in the trusted files list and see if that helps.

They already are in that

Please see if any of the advice given here is useful.

Sorry you are having this problem.

Do you have the Chinese version of Windows?

This FAQ may help: Making programs work with CIS.

Two things to try:

  • Add all executables in the directory to buffer overflow exceptions, under D+ settings image execution control
  • Check to make sure a Windows language executable is not being restricted in some way (check logs). There was previously a problem with a toolbar executable, cannot remember which, sorry.

Else best probably to append your logs and active process list with Kingsoft running.

Best wishes


Sorry Chiron, we collided :slight_smile: