CIS 5.1 support updating virus databases?

Suddenly stopped coming updates virus databases CIS 5.1

CIS 5.10 is no longer officially supported so you won’t really get an answer from staff, however you can try to perform a clean re-install or update to the lasted CIS version available.

Try with manual db update Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022
“Download Older Db” v5.5 and older.

Keeping an old software isnt a good idea tho, I suggest you to upgrade to v10+ asap

Hi Eugene 66,

I have exactly the same problem. It began 1 week ago. On top of that, each time the updater reach 90% all my opened programs become unusable and crashed.
Yesterday, I download the “latest” virus database manually. It was n° 27795. From there, CIS managed to update its database to 28077, but it took 30 min to be done and the PC’s were unusable during this time. CIS sucked all their ressources.
Today same problem again. The updater didn’t succeed.
Do you know howto disable the virus database updater in CIS 5.10?

I dont think a version which can’t update the virus db itself can be called “stable”.