CIS 5.0 Helper Service is not started automatically via XP Sp3 [281]

Hi Sergey

Just wondered if you could explain exactly what you mean by “provide an environment for debugging”. Do you want someone affected by this bug to engage in an on-line help session with you?

Unfortunately this is not present on my machine. Else I’d volunteer!

Best wishes


Hi Mouse

I mean that someone which stable reproduce this issue provide us remote session to his computer or virtual machine for some time (for e.g using Comodo Easy VPN), if its possible.

PM requests sent

the thread in the swedish forum turned out to be a clash between two different AV programs, and a lot of different troubleshooting. After removing and installing one correct, it worked with using a workaround .bat file to start up Comodo services with. This was short version!

@echo off
net start “COMODO Internet Security Helper Service”

Placed in the "start Up folder.
Mats H

THanks Mat for the info. The devs want to try to fix this properly, so if you are currently using a batch file, would you be able to help them? Basically they just need to install some software to allow them to operate you machine remotely and watch what is happening during boot - think you can watch what they are doing so no real security risk.

I’d really appreciate it if you could help!

Best wishes


no I’m not running XP at all, only Windows 7 x64 on my computers.
This was someone that we tried to help out in this swedish forum.
So I have no access to the computer.
What I can do is send him a PM to check how things are. He is not good at english, a direct contact with you guys could be a problem.
But anyway, I’ll see what I can do, hpe to be able to give you some kind of response later on, or the following days.

Thanks Mats. If nothing else is possible knowing the details of the AV conflict might be helpful.

Hopefully he’ll agree to a session, maybe one in which you av by MSN or EVPN?

PM Serg to set up, a I am not a Comodo employee, just a mewe mod!

Best wishes