CIS 5.0 Anti-Virus Updates - Interval Option Missing?

I just installed CIS 5.o an am quite impressed. However, I noticed that there is no option to adjust the update interval of the virus signatures just a manual update.

I installed CIS 5.0 on 9/19/10 and noticed no updates until I manually updated today, 9/21/10.

For such a great program, there should be an interval option.

On the hand, if it is located somewhere else, please let me know.


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Although there is no built in scheduler to set AV update intervals, there is a proven workaround that allows you to set exactly when the AV updates.;msg342090#msg342090

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It automatically checks for updates every half hour. You don’t have to manually update it every time.

He is referring to situations like when you only wanted it to check once every 12 hours or something like that. In that case you disable the automatic update and have it manually scan every 12 hours, which updates the database first.

Unless I’m wrong that’s not what you were worried about, right? At least I thought you wanted to know if you had to manually update it each time.

Hopefully that clarified the situation.


I don’t know. I’ve never let mine do the initial update automatically as I like to make sure it updated correctly the first time. Maybe there’s something about the initial update that I don’t know about.

The initial update works fine - if the program is installed from scratch. If done as an “update” from 5.5, count yourself lucky if the app works.

The default 30 minute automatic update interval is ludicrous, and the workaround, while it does work, is awkward. I object to the intrusive frequent update checking. A modern anti-malware suite shouldn’t need 48 signature update checks per day - it’s intrusive, unproductive, net chatter

One automatic signature update per day should be adequate for CIS signatures Schedule the uploading of signatures to the Comodo server at the same time every day, preferably between 0300 and 0400 GMT. Add a reset counter, so each time a new signature is downloaded, another automatic run won’t happen until until the next calendar day. ALWAYS SHOW THE SIGNATURE’S DATE IN THE SUMMARY STATUS PANE, and the more paranoid users will be able to decide more rationally if/when to run a manual update.

If the managers and developers disagree about the users’ need and desire for a better way to schedule signature updates, they should take a look at how many times this thread has been viewed…