CIS 5.0.162636.1135 causes Firefox 3.6.9 to crash? [Resolved]

couldn’t find any other place then here to post this topic.
Config. Defense + and Proactive settings in CIS.
The only major change to my computer made yesterday was the upgrade of Comodo from 1126 to 1135.
The Windows updates were also installed, KB 2347290, KB890830 and KB2398632.
In Firefox 3.6.9 the following addons are installed, Chatzilla 0.9.86, Default Manager 2.2, Java Console 6.0.21, Malware Search 0.9.3, NoScript 2.0.3, Scroll on Flash 0.1.9, Search Helper Extension 1.0, WOT 20100908.

Windows 7 x64 Home Premium is the OS.

These setings worked very good in the 1126, and had the same problems with numerous, completly non understanable chrashes in Firefox, both in 3.6.8 and then 3.6.9. in 1120.

Something is not working smoothly here. When disableing Comodo no chrashes appears.

I’ve experienced the same issue on my XP Pro x86 configuration as well. Same settings in Firefox and also on that computer, after disableing Comodo, FF works well with no chrashes.

Mats H

I dunno if it helps but Fx 3.6.9 is perfect fine at work (XP x32 SP3) and at home (Seven X64) with every beta/RC/final versions of CIS 5.
From your extension list I have only NoScript though.

thanks for the quick reply.
Yes I can see that som Add-Ons cuould cause issues, so I disabled everything now except The Chatzilla, Malware Search and Java Console.

I’d tried this kind of fixing when 1120 was in use, with no effect!, But willing to go all the way, almost, as I need these 3 last items mentioned here!

But still as the only major impacting changes to the both of my computers are the upgrade of the Comomdo versions, I still insist, as I disable the Comodo SW, and no problems occur. Something changed!
Mats H

Edit: So by disableing NoScript, things work better, but the question remains, is there an issue here?

I have the same OS as you and no problems with any CIS5 version.

Maybe you should try running Firefox in Safe Mode from the start menu?

Hi James,
thanks for your reply.
Running in Safe Mode is not a “problem solver” in the long run, but will surely keep FF running without chrashes.
As I enabled NoScript again and allows most of “Flash Adds” and “Google Analytics”, stuff like that, there are no more chrashes, works exactly as it should. Comodo switched on.

So still FF with NoScript and the latest version of Comodo could have some issues, as I now run FF with NoScript and Comodo switched off and doesn’t experience any problems. This is with my XP config.

Mats H

I don’t think it is NoScript, I run that too.

Hello All,

If in doubt if something is a bug or not, please ask for Help first in the help board.
Once you figured out a way to reproduce, or can only come to the conclusion it’s a “bug” ask a online moderator to “move” your post to the bug reporting board.

This way the bug report board stays clear and developers will have much less work in verifying issues here.
Which increases the chances of bugs getting noticed and solved.

I’ll move this request to the Installation Help board for CIS now.

So still FF with NoScript and the latest version of Comodo could have some issues, as I now run FF with NoScript and Comodo switched off and doesn't experience any problems. This is with my XP config.

I confirm that, on my side (and if not agressive settings as i spoke of elsewhere) cis 5 is perfectly working with FF 3.6 and Noscript under xp: it is therefore not a bug, but some faulty setting.

3.6.9 is known to crash:
Try reverting to 3.6.8, that should help :slight_smile:

Users who want to upgrade older versions of Firefox can download 3.5.12 or 3.6.9 from Mozilla's website, then install them manually overtop existing copies.

Please report correctly what you quote:
there’s no particular issue with FF 3.6.9 but, under some circumstances, updating to FF 3.6.9.

Not the same thing.

The reports have come from machines on all three platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux - that Firefox supports, with the majority of them occurring during browser startup.

The majority of crashes is startup related, which does mean it is not entirely startup related. So it could be FF3.6.9 causing the crashes and not CIS5 in combination with FF3.6.9.
Testing with 3.6.8 could lead to an answer and thus might be worth a shot.

I’m a bit more convinced now that FF is the troublemaker,

even though I’ve experienced the same type of chrases using FF 3.6.8 and CIS 1120.
Thank you for providing good answers and hope for an FF update that then settles this.

CIS, will of course be used on my computers, and will switch to Google Chrome instead.

So I rest my case for the moment.
Mats H

I have FF 3.6.9 with noscript running fine with CIS 5.0 installed in my XP 32 bit SP3 machine. Hence, noscript does not seem to be a culprit. As suggested earlier, try in FF safe mode then enable the add ons one by one to see what happens.

Further, create a Computer Security Policy and Network Security Policy in Defense+ and Firewall respectively (normally it is not necessary, but to get a solution to your problem I am suggesting this) and then try again.

The easiest option would be to keep CIS in training mode and start firefox and then revert to safe mode. This will give everything that is activiated when FF is launched will be given a go ahead by CIS and rules will be created for it. Revert to Safe Mode and try again.

Hope this helps.

thanks layman, for a good answer,
this would then apply to the Windows 7 x64 config as well.
Will find out during the day, how this works.
Mats H

Firefox released 3.6.10 …

as of now, tested FF 3.6.10 with settings from FF 3.6.9, everything running smoothly.
I concider this one solved, and thanks for good advices!
Mats H

The update for Firefox 3.6.9. to 3.6.10 was due to a crash bug in 3.6.9. IMO your problem
was caused by this bug.

  • Fixed a single stability issue affecting a limited number of users

Details here.