CIS .432 Defense+

CIS .427 + .432 Defense+ does not autom. detect all services and programs starting during system start and winlogon.


WinXP x32 sp3 all patches

Do you mean it does not show alerts for them?
or does not show them in active processes list?
or does not learn their behavior?

could you please provide more detailed information

Does not show alerts for them and does not learn their behavior but show them in View Active Process List.

Installation: CIS .432 Defense+ without AV and without SafeSurfe
Defense+ setting: Safe Mode, Show the balloon messages enabled

CIS Betas and RC1 and RC2 working welll (first start after installation defense+ is in Clean PC Mode showing them in Computer Security Policy).


CIS .439 Defense+ ( Config. Proactive Security) without AV and without SurfSave
CIS does not auto. detect all active process.