CIS 4 won't install (Windows 7 64-bit) [SOLVED]

Hi all,

There seems to be other threads about this as well, but they don’t quite match my situation so I start another one…

I can’t install the latest CIS on my Windows 7, the installer freezes every time at “Installing the packages” screen with the progress bar going on forever. Any thoughts on this?

I’m running 3.14 currently.

Have you totally removed all your prior antivirus?? Sometimes add/remove doesnt remove all look for a uninstaller for your product.

I’ll check. I’m currently doing a major clean up removing obsolete software - I’ll try again after I’m done with that and post here how it goes…

Hello again,

Apparently the old version of CIS was blocking the installation. I got rid of that and installation succeeded.
I don’t recall having to do this before though, with previous versions.