CIS 4 v/s CIS 5

Have you guyz seen the youtube videos on CIS 4 v/s CIS 5. Same malware tested on XP Pro with both V4 & V5. The last part showed the system protected with V4 after restarting & removing threats with V4, Malwarebytes found 6 threats. The system protected with V5 after restarting & removing threats with V5, Malwarebytes found 20 threats. What does this mean??


Well it depends if they were using the same links. If the were remember V5 is not final yet.

Yes same links. But he didn’t tested RC, he tested beta 1079. I was just thinking the 20 threats found by malwarebytes were coz V5 is beta or the Partial Sandbox & CAV 5 Cleaning ability is not upto the mark.


What’s more important is, were those threats active? If they just lay there and do nothing, you can have 5000 of them and that’s fine.

If you’re referring to my videos, the problem is not the number found on this little comparison but to show that the system is very stable and that “infections” are only minor. In any case it is a good product and a freeware that quality is not common, congratulations to the designers.

The sandbox for V4 and V5 does technically allow malicious files to be dropped to the system, but they can’t do any harm.

Thus, as RejZor pointed out, the question is whether these were active and doing any damage.

Lets see:
CIS 4 - file;
- registry value.

CIS 5 - memory module;
- file;
- registry value;
- registry hey;
- folder.

CIS4 vs CIS5 part3.avi - YouTube

Can you please retest V5 with the sandbox set to Limited.

I was wondering if the default wasn’t strong enough. I do believe it protects your system, but from your results it appears that the malware may have more privileges then I would like.

By the way, if you set it to Untrusted or Blocked I don’t think you’ll find anything after scanning with Malwarebytes.

Yes buddy i was talking about your videos. I liked the reviews. So you guyz say the threats are not active and therefore no probs. Ok, but i think partial sandbox gives way more priviledges than limited but its ok if it protects the system well and yes i found partial sandbox better than limited coz the programs which were unable to run in limited are able to run in partial limited. Thanxx for the info.


you can go ahead and make a program that deletes all of your music collection and no1 can detect it or even block it from doing that , do you classify such a file as a threat ? !! … partially limited is wonderful , I’m using a Toshiba laptop , never had any issued due to the fact that many programs are being sandboxed !!

and the system is really stable :), so placing whatever in C:\ directory or Documents and that malware can’t run after a restart then , congrats your computer is still clean. However, another dude is saying that since those malicious files are present in the computer then the product was successfully bypassed :slight_smile: < which is technically wrong , but what can you do ? :frowning:

for usability this Partially limited option is wonderful. But how does it protect your system? If it let to drop files from sandbox to your system but this files can’t harm it’s one thing (if you periodically scan your system with MBAM these files will be detected and deleted and i don’t care if they just sit in my system), but if these files can damage something in your system that’s the different story.

So if somebody from developers team or Mods can ensure us that Partially limited sandbox is enough to protect your system.

I agree with you. But, why another scanner like malwarebytes or any other to remove the harmless traces. Dont you think CAV should find those traces instead when spyware scanner is added now?? Is the spyware scanner added that way??


I would love to see that COMODO cleans all traces that sandboxed files drop, especially when we promised spyware scanner and ability to scan the registry.
But the reality is a harsh thing. According to this test Comodo still can’t clean the system, so you have 2 options: the first one is to change the av (not sure the results will be much better, because MBAM is notorious to detect files that even best antiviri miss) or second to stick to COMODO AV and keep doing weekly scans with MBAM. I have MBAM on demand weekly anyway, so i’ll keep scanning even with CIS 5 and hope that in next versions they’ll improve cleaning abilities of COMODO AV even more.

P.S. but frankly i waited for better results from COMODO av in version 5 :frowning:

yep rightly said. Thats why I too have Malwarebytes free installed. Hope the subsequent V5 releases improves on AV cleaning ability. Its time they focus on AV too and provide few settings too. Currently there are no settings for AV other than the too basic settings. But their main focus is only on D+ & Sandbox.


I think we already can see the change in the attitude to AV. COMODO will be tested by AV-C and hopefully VB 100% is the next. And because Comodo wants to be always in top 3 when tested (preferably number one ;)) i think they’ll make more efforts to improve the AV

V4 or V5 will be tested??

They have one test every 3 months.

So i think the test was already completed in august and will be published in September. So i guess they tested v.4.1 because they don’t test betas but the latest stable build

Ok. So its a guess they tested V4.1??

I am 99.9% sure they tested CIS 4.1.

Ok. Lets wait n watch.