cis 4 to make my u drive can not be displayed

As long as the plug once, and then restart the computer, Reconnect the disk u, Explorer will not show u the disk. Tried on two computers is true after.


I got similar problem on a XP notebook with 256M Ram. I cannot access USB flash drives, usb hard disk or usb card reader.

I uninstall CIS4 and can access the use device again.

I’m now reinstall CIS4 again to see if that happen again.

The problem happen again after I re-installed CIS4. It cannot be solved with D+ disable.
By the way, it is an antique notebook with only USB 1.1/1.0.

I’ll uninstall CIS4 on the notebook.

They are aware of the USB problem and are looking into it. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next beta release.

could it be because of the existence of a autoplay file even only for changins the drive icons ??? i’ll test this as soon as i have some free time

I have same problem with my RAID