CIS 4 + Synology Data Replicator -> BSOD

I’ve been experiencing regular BSODs (Windows 7 64-bit) since I upgraded to the latest version of CIS (from version 3 to 4.1).

Tonight I found what triggers it: whenever my backup program (Synology Data Replicator 3) tries to perform a backup, a Windows crash immediately follows. The BSOD indicates the crash happens in cmdagent.sys which belongs to CIS (minidump attached). And indeed, if CIS is not running the backup works fine and completes succesfully.

I’ve tried to get CIS to ignore DR3, to no avail: add it as a safe application, put it in the sandbox. None of this mattered. If starting the backup program works, attempting to start the backup itself crashes Windows immediately.

Any idea or suggestion?


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