CIS 4 stops working properly after changing theme/skin

Bug has already been submitted, but it seems nobody wants it to be fixed or it’s not important enough.

If you want to test this bug please do the following:

  1. Configure CIS so you have a perfect score with CLT 340/340.
  2. Change your theme to black or blue (in my case)
  3. Run CLT test every day and after day or two your score will be 220/340.

Original bug report:;msg391145#msg391145

  1. CPU Athlon II X4 620
  2. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
  3. CIS 4.1.149672.916
  4. Antivirus - default settings
  5. Firewall - custom policy mode
  6. Defense+ - clean PC mode
  7. Administrator account
  8. Sandbox disabled.

See you when your next BETA version roles out. I’m going back to CIS 3.14.

100 % on Matousec. Are you kidding me ???

I can’t reproduce the same bug that you have. I am using the black theme and everything is perfect. In fact I don’t see any relation in theme/protection.

what I think happened is he ran the test first, some rules got created automatically, he changed the skin and ran the test again. now because there are rules for the clt app, he thinks the skin change had something to do with it.


I also did what you have just to test that and I’ve changed theme to black and ran clt and i got 230/340 but when i returned to normal red theme score was 340/340.

If this was a general bug more people would be affected just like languy said must be something under the settings. (d+)

I believe it is a bug! >:( >:(

I changed to “blue” skin last night, and after reboot, the whole thing went hare-wired! Defense+ started asking all kind of question again and I had no access to even my start menu! Eventually I have no choice but to restore from my backup… >:( >:( >:(

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