CIS 4 review and tests

Review done by Matt.

Well done comodo

online installer is the most weird thing ever

Thanks DSP.

Wow the AV caught them all :o

Using that same website I have had about 4 this morning that the AV has not caught. I’ve submited them to Comodo for analysis but even the Virustotal reports about only 12 AV’s would ever catch one single file.

Actually it’s my pleasure, I love the reviews from Matt.

Thanks Matt.

really appreciate your time.


Yes nice review indeed.

When Comodo will add its behaviour blocker and CIMA like heuristics, I wonder what will happen to other security companies.


Actually i’d prefer a test where antivirus part is disabled and entire suite has to rely on Sandboxing.
This way you can properly test that part. Because right now, signatures did all the job…

Let’s see if Matt have time to test it, at 41:16 Matt that maybe he will do a Defense + test alone, I would enjoy to see the test.

Wow, RejZoR posting something possibly positive on the Comodo forums? Haha.

Anyway, I think Matt’s going to test the sandboxing feature in the next part perhaps.

He is free to express himself so…

Well, the version 4 is, for a change not a complete ■■■■. In fact i actually like it. The whole concept of sandbox that’s not even a real sandbox is actually pretty neat here. Run everything in a normal way unless the program is not recognized by the white list. Then throw it inside sandbox where the program is very restricted until verified. Dreadful D+ popups are now pretty much gone, i only got 3 popups on my Aspire One for certain applications that i immediately added to safe files through sandbox popup.
Interface is nice and i like the red and white scheme. And since D+ popups are gone as well as lots of settings for it, the whole thing is much more user friendly now. Scan engine is somewhat slow on files where it shouldn’t be, but it’s still quite fast. One false positive so far and apparently decent detection.
I still miss promised CIMA, but oh well. Only thing that i really miss is Comodo being tested by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

I just hope they’ll just get rid of the way too long version number (seriously, do you need so many numbers!?) and that they start polishing the existing thing instead rushing to implement something super new and half finish it again like most of the things.