CIS 4 Proxy Support


Does anyone (Dev or Mod) know whether the next version of CIS4 will support updating (both program and database) via proxy in the next release(s)? Thanks.


Should work including authenticated proxy, only needs “Manual config” won’t read WPAD or other “Auto proxy” settings.


If your proxy uses a PAC configuration file, open the PAC file in notepad (FILE - OPEN - http://full URL of the PAC file). Towards the bottom of the PAC file you should be able to see an IP address and port. You can use these values in the proxy address and port fields in CIS4.

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Hi Ronny and Panic

I’m using the same settings as I used (and still do) in CIS3 which works through the proxy. Doesn’t seem to work in CIS4 though :'(. Have added the correct IP and port but keep getting error messages.


Edit: Details below:-

I can confirm an “Authorized” proxy bug on v4.0.x.779, normal proxy usage e.g. only proxy server (name/ip) and port seems to function as expected.