CIS 4: problem with the notification area ( tray bar )

As from title. I tried using all the types of CIS 4 installers: every time I install CIS, i reboot, I set it as I used with the previous versions untill 3,14, with Defense+ in Paranoid Mode, and in the highest mode possible, and I disable the sandbox.

After the reboot, in the notification area of the tray bar disappear the icons of Avira ( I use it and disable Cav, no problem until 3,14 ), Incredimail and others applications that usually I see in the notification area.

I try to restore them from the tray bar propriety, but it’s impossible. I, reboot, nothing happens. Avira runs, I see it in the Task Manager, but no icons in tray bar.

Nobody has this problem ?

I had the problem with the icon for CIS not appearing. This happens when too many things try to load at once or too close together and is probably what is causing your problem. I had to install a program called Startup Delayer to fix it. I delayed the startup of CIS by 10 seconds and all is well now. This only became a problem with v4, it never happened with any of the previous versions.

Ya, I believed and I hope that is only this the reason for. But I’ve been used till Saturday the three versions of CIS and I never had the problem. And I would want to be sure that Avira goes on to work absolutely right.

Are you on XP? Then you are facing an XP problem: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Yes it is an XP problem, but the fact remains that it didn’t happen with any version of CIS prior to v4. Something has changed in the way that the program loads at startup.

Thanks, I read, but I believe that is not safe for the system stability to disable Universal Plug and Play service, and also to delay the loading of security services during the startup. And how Dch48 said, " it is an XP problem, but the fact remains that it didn’t happen with any version of CIS prior to v4 ".

I believe that it needs a fixing new 4 version for this.

The startup delayer I’m using only delays the startup of the gui portion of CIS which is the portion responsible for displaying the tray icon. The essential security services are not delayed at all. Having said that, I agree that it is something that should be looked into even if it is only an XP problem. Avast sometimes gives people the same problem with the tray icon and they have a built in option to delay the loading until other Windows services have loaded. Comodo could do the same thing I’m sure.

You can disable the UPnP service but that didn’t work for me and also–then you might not be able to communicate with your router correctly.

Hi, I restored a cleaned disk image of XP without any security softwares: I installed CIS 4 and Avira 10 and in this way I have not more any issue.

Replying to help others here. Have not had problems with system stability having had this disabled for 5 years!

Obviously cannot guarantee though!

To make this fix effective you also have to disable: SSDP Discovery Service

Best wishes