CIS 4 preventing install of Sage's Timeslips 2010 software

I provide PC support to a lawyers’ office that uses the Timeslips 2010 product, and recently encountered problems in reinstalling the Timeslips 2010 product on two different PCs running Comodo CIS, 4 where the install would fail without any errors other than those indicating the install failed. Checking Event Viewer would reveal that the installing modules had encountered a fault and had to close, but nothing really specific about what caused the fault, other than an AMD processor error (itself odd in PCs running Intel Dual Core processors).

There was no popup from CIS indicating that any action was being taken, but as soon as I removed CIS 4 from the two PCs (both running XP SP3), the Timeslips install completed without error. Once Timeskips was installed and CIS 4 reinstalled, the two applications appeared to co-exist without any issues.

Other notes: running the install with admin rights, 32-bit XP Pro OS, CIS running in normal nonlearning mode.

I don’t have regular access to the systems, so I can’t perform rigorous testing of this apparent bug, but I wanted to make it more generally known that this is a potential issue.