CIS 4 No shortcut keys how come?


its been told by eggman that ver 4 will include a shortcut keys to fast disable / enable all HIPS protection , i cant see they add it …anyone knows why?? :-\

Too many things have been told… and now we have a unfinished product

Please refrain from making broad and sweeping statements without further explanation.

Need I to lose my time enumerating it? (like when we report bugs for V4 RC for nothing?) seem that you have a short memory
Shortcut keys, a good AV, a new interface, a BB, CTM integrated… and we still dont have a well integration of the sandbox, all this for V4 and now we have to wait to 4.1 4.2 or even 5

I dont mind if they need more time but they spend more time telling how good is going to be comodo than making it good.
The best thing that comodo know how to do is ■■■■ one’s own trumpet.

welp yeah , they did say its gona be in first ver 4, and add it to the “to do list” , that very bad since all major security products got this keys from the first version , hope comodo will add this little thing ASAP

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CIS is CTM aware; integrating it will most likely upset people because they think CIS is becoming bloated.

Behaviour Blocker is scheduled for v4.1 as well as serious enhancements for the AV (acid like cleaning). There have been some minor improvements for the AV: less resourceful updating and better cleaning.

The promised things are still in the pipe line and were not taken of the roadmap.

Most users will not know what you are talking about or referring to and therefor you are needlessly contributing to bad climate.

It is not about my or my fellow moderator’s memory. Believe me that it works and when needed we will not heasitate to act helped by what our memory tells us.

that very bad since all major security products got this keys from the first version , hope comodo will add this little thing[/i] ASAP
I have no idea what you are trying to say here.

I know all this, and you dont need to lose your time giving me the standard explanation, you wanted me to explain this “Too many things have been told… and now we have a unfinished product” and I did it.

Now you know all this. Next time either refrain from sweeping statements or motivate clearly why you think CIS falls short.

Imagine this: CTRL+ALT+C = comodo’s disabled. This is hard-coded into the program. “Explorer is trying to run xyz.exe” you say, OK. “xyz.exe wants to access keyboard” You say ok,… wow no more alerts. Must be on CIS safe list. you grin to yourself and thank egemen…,… you can guess what happened. :wink:

Second thing: @ lordraiden. Dude chill it.

  1. Did you honestly except the sandbox to have 0 bugs?
  2. CIS has millions of users. The beta testing is comprehensive but for this number of user bases its impossible to keep everyone happy. Same reason Mac OSX is only for Apple computers - quality control. CIS can’t be like that, they need to prioritize and make sure its 95% good to go.
  3. SBIE is a nice product, but is a application virtualizer. Totally different. I’ve used it for 2yrs. And on 64 its got its problems.
  4. Its free so one always has a choice, of NOT using it.
  5. Yeah you got a bug report in… great thanks, stop beating your drum.
  6. This in for everyone: The buy you report might be very critical… TO YOU … but for the vast majority of users it might be a non-issue. Eg. All sandbox realted bugs are totally useless=i dont use it. All gui realted bugs are useless=i don’t even see the gui except on installation… Just because you can’t use a product because of some bugs doesn’t mean others are having the same problems.

Not trying to flame, but am getting a little tired of the thread hijacking… aren’t you happy bitching on wilders etc? :smiley:

and no I am not an avatar of mod… I’d hate to be one though… its too much trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as i remember, there are no shortcut to avoid security issues/second keyboard users.

  1. No, and? ??? the problem is completely different.
  2. The beta testing was not comprehensive, this was the problem.
  3. Nobody said nothing about sandboxie
  4. Really? ;D
  5. Me and many other users, but as any betatester can see you dont know what are you talking about.