CIS 4 is blocking my msn messenger

After installing CIS 4 i found out that i can not logon to my msn messenger i´ve treid evrything (add to my safe file etc) but is still not working i don´t know why,can someone help me pls ???

if you are using the default setting , I think there is something wrong with your computer not the comodo product … because I’ve tested all my applications ( including windows live messenger ) and they are working smoothly without any pop up or a hassle. so you need to provide us with more information such as your setting … etc

Also, are you using the original one or something patched? … ! I’m using it with PLUS! add-on and nothing looked odd so far … ? so please try to be more extensive

I had the same problem. Try to disable the Sandbox… Worked for me.

Works fine for me, but we all know we don’t have the same set-up etc…

Probably yours msn have some patch on it because the windows live messenger(default) is marked as safe by comodo and it’s not sandboxed.

Yhea it could be it… I have Messenger Plus! plugin installed.

I had no upstream at all after installing.
The problem was solved only after I installed the firewall Without The Antivirus Modul.
This opened the possibility to choose between types of firewalls (3).
If One will install the whole package He probably encounter a problem.