CIS 4 Configuration for Alerts

I want to enable Alerts by CIS but I can’t find anything to do that. I watched Languy’s vid on youtube because I was wondering why I didn’t get any alerts even if Sandbox was switched off and the “Create Rules for Safe Applications” setting was unchecked.

I then enabled the Sandbox and got Alerts. I want to leave the Sandbox enabled, but as I use IDEs like Visual Studio or Borland Delphi as a programmer, it is annoying when the Sandbox automatically puts everything inside itself. It kinda crashes the Integrated Debugger or sometimes causes Internal Compiler Errors.
Adding it to the Exception List still doesn’t fix the Sandbox isolating compiled Programs. And always adding them gets annoying after some time because first the compiled program crashes, then I add it and then it mostly works but not everytime.

So I thought that I would switch of Automatic Sandboxing and would get an Alert which asks what to do (like Hey that Program is unknown do you want to put it inside the Sandbox? ). But then I’m back to getting no alerts at all and Programs access everything they want.

I was pretty confused about this and thought CIS had been damaged so I reinstalled it but it stays the same.
I launched a few applications to test if it still happened and no alerts where shown. a-squared and malwarebytes downloaded updates and even my own applications began to perform an update check correctly.

So how can I enable Alerts in Order that CIS asks what a Program can do.
Best would be with Sandbox enabled but without automatic Sandboxing, but at least I want that CIS asks for every Program when the Sandbox is disabled.

I hope somebody can help or clarify a few things. (or at least understand what i wrote because I’m extremely tired right now^^)

If you want alerts for every program (whether they’re in the safe list or not) then switch Defense+ to paranoid mode. You can do the same for the firewall.

Let us know if this is what you were looking for or not.

The Problem is, when Sandbox is turned of, I get no Alerts at all and every Program is allowed to do what it wants, connecting to the Internet, or loading Device Drivers for example, even if my CIS is set to Proactive Security and Safe Mode for both the Firewall and Defense+.

I want to have it just like in CIS v3, but if possible, Sandbox enabled and some solution for the Automatic Sandboxing Issue explained above.