CIS 4 bundled with AV database

It would be nice if there would be a CIS version which aleady includes the AV database and so only needs to do an incremental update after installation.

The best would be if the user has the choice between one version without and one with database.

I have to smile at this. ;D

When the database was bundled with the installer, people were complaining about the installer size. So they separated it and now people are complaining that it’s a separate download.

You just can’t win…

I think a better solution is to decrease the size of the database. I’m talking physical size here, not definitions. Whether it is simply compressing the database or some other method. I think CAV has physically the largest database out there. Look how well Malwarebytes does with a database smaller than 5MB!

If you look at why these “solutions” are proposed is this:

  • High bandwidth users, don’t care about both solutions they have bandwidth enough.
  • Low bandwidth users, shouldn’t care about both solutions IF they are able to download it reliably.

Their problem is that once they have downloaded the package and the AV database was at XX% download and it failed for some reason they had to start all over again… that’s the problem, loss of time and loss of possible byte ratios used where the user has only limited bytes a month… all those issues are the core here if you ask me. Fix that and the problem is solved.

And if i remember correctly i saw Umesh post that they could now pick up where it left/or failed to download… put that next to the decreasing DB size and then we’re getting somewhere…