CIS 4 Blocking Utorrent

Win7 x64, only CIS4 Installed.

Configuration “Proactive security” “Create rules for safe apps”
Firewall “safe mode”

Utorrent (Trusted app):
Allow all request
Allow all incoming and outgoing request

With this configuration Utorrent and this test ( ) says that my port is close, if I desactivate the firewall appears open.
I am behind a moden not a router.
Windows firewall is disable.
The log of comodo firewall does not show anything

If this is not normal move it to the bug forum.

I have heard that bit-torrent needs an opened port for incoming connections only in a “period of initialization”.

Hello lordraiden,

try to use 2nd option in Stealth Port Wizard.


Now is working, thanks
This aim of Comodo of remove all the popups is giving more problems than helping.
They should find a halfway point.