CIS 4 beta will be tested by MRG

CIS 4 beta will be tested by MRG:

We are starting a little comparison in which we will use Comodo Internet Security V4 Beta, other applications that we will use to compare CIS to will be A-SQUARED Anti-Malware, Avira AntiVir Premium and G DATA Antivirus. We will perform 2 tests, in first one we will run an On Demand scan on 10.000 samples of malware (new), second test will involve malware cleaning as we infected the system with 15 samples of malware. This test will show a clear picture of which direction Comodo Internet Security V4 is heading, we are also planning to test it in Real Time in the following days.

Maby a bit early, there are numerous reports about AV malfunctioning stuff like: skipping files, crashing, failing to scan the whole disk etc… Oh well, I still believe this will be an interesting test…

CIS has never been about on-demand (even tho it has it), its a suite built mainly to prevent, not detect… Still we can see the on-demand as a pointer how well the AV department is keeping up… Mostly want to see how it does on the second test tho: malware cleaning… O0 :-TU

I wonder in the second test if they will call it a pass if CIS isolates and sandboxes a malware… (making it harmless)? Or if they only call it cleaned/system saved if the malware is “old style” removed…?


I am not sure about the second test. I am pretty sure that comodo in malware cleaning test will come last or second last.(if a miracle happens it will come first. >:-D)