CIS 4 and GTA IV

After CIS 4 was installed GTA IV stops running.
It’s do not works even if CIS is off.

Try add it to your own safe files (including subdirectories).

Already did it but does not help.
And as I wrote before “It’s do not works even if CIS is off.”
Reinstall GTA IV and no results.
CIS 4.0.664.127486
OS: Vista HB SP2 (32bit)
It never happened with previous versions of CIS and others firewalls.

How did you switch CIS off?

What’s in the logs?

If you just selected “Exit” from the tray icon, all you’ve done is closed the GUI. CIS is still functioning.

Not necessarily. Firewall continues to operate (like you said). At least that was the case previously).
But D+ is off, unless option “block unknown requests if application is closed” is turned on.

Follow up: Disabling D+ in the tray does not disable Buffer Overflow protection. To disable it one needs to uncheck appropriate option under Image Execution settings.
It is not logical but it is so in v3…581 (and previous). Very likely this is true for v4, too.

Thanks to everyone!
My problem is solved by uninstalling GTA IV, cleaning registry in Comodo section (everything regarding GTA IV), and installing again.
It has been something happened at the CIS inslallation moment.

I choosed an option “disabled startup” for CIS. Doesn’t helps. ???