CIS 4 and Avast Pro 5

I know CIS4 is still beta and so is Avast! 5.

But I plan on buying Avast!5 Pro which includes the Process Virtualisation (aka Sandbox) and Behaviour Shield (BB). However, I will be using Comodo Firewall (CIS4, in the future).

So I want to know how can I use both products as:
Avast Pro 5 (Sandbox and BB)
Comodo 4 (Sandbox and HIPS)

Currently avast Behaviour Shield don’t work on 64-bit.

Could anyone provide a solution?


When you say you plan on using the comodo firewall are you speaking of just the firewall or firewall + Defence+? You are using a 64bit system I suspect?

The Avast Behaviour shield don’t work (so you won’t be using that) or is it just because its still in beta? Do you want CIS to filter both in and outgoing traffic, do you want to create rules for “safe” applications…?

I would not recommand to use both for stability reason, specially 2 Sandbox is crazy.
If you really want to use Avast 5, use the Free version + CIS.
But as Avast is everytimes late to their virus database, for me its pointless to use Avast.
This is my opinion =)

With CIS full suite its fair enough and light for the system.

Okay, I might stick with Avast! Free and use Comodo Firewall with D+.

And when avast’s Behaviour Shield does become functional (I think 5.1), can I run it with D+?

I haven’t used CIS4 yet, but does Comodo’s Sandbox work in the same way as Avast’s Sandbox?


Hello Pranaygtr. The behavior shield in Avast is working as it shows events scanned . Avast 5 is now officially released.I currently use Cis firewall and D+ as well as Avast 5 free. I do however plan at some stage to change my av to Cis when certain improvements have been made. The improvements will be a reduced generic signature data base around 3 to 3.5 million sigs. This will mean one generic signature can catch thousands of variants of say a certain trojan.Also acid like cleaning and Cima and behavior blocker will be introduced after version 4 goes live with the sandbox.

The bottom line hear is in my opinion, that by that time Cis has all those additions i feel CIS will be bullet proof as far as malware is concerned. All that for free. With Avast and others you have to pay a small fortune for the internet security suite which has av, firewall, and sandbox, behaviour blocker.All this is free in CIS and its firewall is tops in tests and has been more or less tops for a long time now, as Avasts firewall
is unproven really.

The av was my only concern as i have yet to hear or experience a malware bypassing and being confirmed as such when D+ was in proactive mode.

The problem with the av was false positives and lower than being acceptable to me detection rates, up to the likes of A squared, Avira, or Gta for example.

Recent tests have shown a gradual improvement in detection and false positives seem to me to be on the decline.The reduction in data base size where Comodo use Daisy to do the work as well as some internal tinkering with the av mean the last test i saw by MRG show a rate of around 99%.

i know some dont take MRG seriously but i have been following tests from a variety of sources for over a year now and the detection rate has gradually increased from around 73% to 99% a fair indication i think.

Last of all i know Comodos sandbox isolates unknown apps , in connection with D+ and everything else runs outside it. I think Avasts sandbox works more like Sandboxie where you sandbox your whole browser and everything is run in the sandbox. i am still unsure what differing level of security there is between the two.Time and tests will tell how good the sandbox thing is. One thing i do no is d+ (hips) is awsome and as long as you know what youre doing its the big daddy of such programs. I will always have a hips as part of my set up.



The behavioral scan here is not working.

If you want, Just go for CIS and install without the AV and use Avast AV.

What ever floats your boat, If it’s unknown then the file will be run in CIS sandbox. So AV is just really an extra… IMO. That’s why I’d just used the full package.

My plan is to use CIS4, when it’s Final, with Avast Free. I like the way that Avast stops sites loading and also stops downloads if either is malevolent - better, IMO, than dealing with them after the event.

Thanks for the info.

Okay… scrap Avast Pro for Avast Free

giraffe - same set up as me. :smiley:

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