CIS 4.1.x.920 antivirus WLM scanner bugs

Running the latest WLM 14.0.8117 and latest Comodo I am having quite an annnoyance with its integrated virus scanner and WLM.

-firstly whenever a transfer completes, a “scanning” window pops up and disappears, stealing focus so whatever I’m typing in the IM window at that moment doesn’t get typed

-second, after the transfer completes, IM windows are left with a spinning circle near the cursor on mouse-over; this is to say that whenever I hover the cursor over a chat window, regardless if it’s the one I received the file from or not, I will always have that small spinning circle. the transfer is over. I checked task manager and there’s no scanner leftover to finish, it just leaves me stuck with a “waiting” mouse cursor on all chat windows and the only way to fix it is to shutdown and relaunch WLM

-thirdly, there is no way of disabling the IM scanner. I used to have a dummy.exe file in the WLM scanner settings so it would let me transfer and get .exe files without bugging me about installing an antivirus. now with comodo AV installed, it forces itself as the default scanner and there’s no way to remove it. I REALLY DON’T NEED an IM scanner. I have realtime scanning that scans the files I recieve and send on WLM anyway! I want an option to be able to disable CAV IM integration!