CIS 4.1 issues - Conflict between Avira and CIS. Plus taskbar issue XP info


This is just to let everyone know that the conflict arising issue in the latest CIS 4.1 release with Avira Antivirus, (those using just Comodo Firewall with Avira AV coexisting) - Or CIS may state you have Avira installed but you don’t - has been fixed and a new update will be out next week (should be Monday).

Also the issue with taskbar on XP machines will be fixed in this update.


I have reported a conflict between Symantec Endpoint Protection and CIS 4.1 on x64, since you’re at AV and CIS compatibility, would you please look into this aswell?


Thanks :-TU :slight_smile:

This issue has been fixed, And the update has been released too! Download link has been updated! :slight_smile:

You’re right. :slight_smile:

Melih has informed that new version on website (even though the ver number has not changed) fixed the incompatible issues). Not sure about the other bug though. I’ll unsticky anyway. Thanks.

so how do we update ? reinstall ? :-\

I’m using CIS 4.1 updated from 4.0 - without uninstall - and i had not conflict with Avira av free.

Probably because you didn’t use the installer. The problem and the fixes seem to have been in the installers where detection of installed apps went haywire. The problems didn’t exist in the 4.0 installers.


Under comodo, more and check for update :slight_smile:

I’ve done that but there isn’t any update available, maybe the update hasn’t been released yet (purely for update)?? I believe it has been fixed for new d/l but if i can avoid re d/l then that would be great :slight_smile:

any new info on the start menu fix


I have uninstalled CIS4.1 and installed it again with a version I downloaded today. The installers sizes were different, but the XP start menu problem is still there.

Same here. Click start. Move curser to all Programs. The window with the list opens. Move curser to pick a program and nothing. It does not turn dark. Nai. Nada. It does not happens all the time but it is anoying.;msg402566#msg402566

OK I am unstickying this!

Best wishes