CIS 4.1 causes problem in inputting Chinese

After upgrade to CIS 4.1, I am not able to use Chinese input intermittently. I noted some users also have one or the other problems in inputting Chinese after upgrade to CIS 4.1 in some Chinese forums.

My system’s information is listed below;
*E6300 (1.86G old version)
*Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (UAC disabled)
*CIS version 4.0.141842.828 Firewall with D+ in pro-active security mode, D+ in Safe Mode, Firewall in Custom Mode, auto sandbox disable
*Other security software: Keyscrambler, SafeOnline, Avast 5
(It do not help to solve the problem by uninstall Keyscrambler)

Hallo hkjoj, please confirm if setting Defense+ level to Disabled suppress the intermittent issue.

If disabling D+ does make you able use Chinese input at any time it might worth to identify what D+ monitoring setting (Defense+ Tasks > Advanced >Defense+ Settings) entry can be related to the intermittent issue.

After Setting D+ security level to Safe mode only one of the above checkboxes should be disabled at any time until the issue is suppressed.

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I have already downgraded back to version 4.0.
May be I can check it again with the next update.

Oh! I forget to turn off automatic update and I am now with CIS 4.1 again.

Some update for your information

  • disable D+ Keyboard don’t fix the problem
  • the problem affect individual application independently. So while one application cannot use Chinese input, the other application may be able to use Chinese input.
  • Close and re-open an application may or may not fix the problem for the application for that instance.

Hope the above could have some help to tracing the source of problem.


  • disable D+ “Interprocess Memory Access” don’t fix the problem

  • disable Windows/WinEvent Hooks seems to fix the problem.

I 've disable Windows/WinEvent Hooks for more than a day and the problem does not occur again since then.

Hope this could help you fix the problem.

Hallo hkjoj, please consider to enable back Windows/WinEvent Hooks until devs will fix the issue you reported.

Narrowing it down to a specific monitoring setting will surely provide them valuable information but is not much more than a troubleshooting test for bugreporting purposes.

???I’ll have problem inputting Chinese if I enable Windows/WinEvent Hooks. I prefers go back to 4.0 if protection for Windows/WinEvent Hooks is so important.