CIS 4.1.150349.920 NO ANTIVIRUS

I have just updated to the new CIS above but even though I have your antivirus included in your previous version of CIS I now find that I don’t. :frowning:

I have tried downloading it as a standalone item but it gets so far and then a message pops up asking me to uninstall my CIS.

Any advice will be gratefully received.



Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Did you try completely uninstalling CIS and then reinstalling? Are you using the THIRD link on this page, called “Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows”?

Thanks for your reply

No I just checked for updates as I usually do and the above was downloaded and the old one uninstalled automatically. What should I do now?

No one?? I have been sitting here for hours with no anti virus to protect me waiting for an answer



Please uninstall your current version.
Next restart your computer.
Then install from the installer on the website.

Hopefully this solves your problem.

Thanks Chiron, it seems to have worked this time ;D

Because I do not know that much about pc’s, software etc, I was panicing as I was waiting for an answer with no antivirus :-[

One more thing that you might be able to help me with is the sand box, what is that all about and why would it put my bt online software and a few other things in the box?

The way that the Comodo Sandbox currently works is that any unknown file will be automatically placed in the sandbox. It doesn’t matter if it’s suspicious or not. In this way no malware, not even the type that seems safe, can actually infect your computer as it will be automatically stripped of most of its its rights.

This, however, leads to the problem of the legitimate applications that haven’t been verified as safe by Comodo also being sandboxed.

The way you deal with this is that when a file is sandboxed you will receive the popup in the lower right corner of the screen telling you the file has been sandboxed and you don’t have to take any action. If you choose to see more details it gives you two options.

  1. Leave the file in the sandbox
    Do this if you’re not sure if the file is safe or not.
  2. Never sandbox this application again
    Choosing this will add the file to your safe files list. Only do this if you know the software is safe. In this way you will never receive another popup for this file again. Comodo implemented this, along with a few other additions, in order to make CIS more usable for the average user. There are now far less Defense+ alerts that people have to answer.

It seems an ideal way to protect your pc. If I make a mistake and put something in the sand box that I trust can I take it out?

Many thanks for your advice which to a novice is clear and easy to understand.



Yes, if you manually add it to your safe list it will never be sandboxed again.

Sadly, this only takes effect after you close the sandboxed program and then run it again.

That is reasonable, Chiron. Once a program has been started with reduced rights, it can’t regain those rights unless restarted anyhow (take ‘Run as Admin’ within Windows itself as an example).