CIS 4.1.150349.920 (Firewall) and Microsoft Virtual PC (KB958559-x64)


sorry, my english is not good.

i installed windows 7 x64 ultimate new. i run microsoft update, install all updates and install the microsoft virtual pc update for xp mode (Windows6.1-KB958559-x64). the install of update has no problems.

i installed cis 4.1.150349.920 (only firewall), the install has an error by kernel driver install, error code is 1603.

is microsoft virtual pc update (KB958559-x64) not installed, the cis install have no problems and cis works.

is cis installed, i can not install the update KB958559-x64. pc make restart and the update install have an error (code 8004005).


Can you run the diagnostics? If so what does it say?


i can’t install CIS when the update is installed, the install of cis stops by “kernel driver install” with error 1603, no cis is installed, no diagnostic.

Sorry, I missunderstood your first post. Do you mean that you reinstalled the entire operating system and then tried to install CIS and it gives you the error? No other programs are installed or have previously been installed?

Also, are you sure you tried to install the x64 version of CIS? Sorry, just trying to cover the basics.

i have found the error.

windows can 10 filter driver for network install. i have 10 driver installed, comodo driver is the 11, windows bliocked the install the driver.

The user-mode component performs RPC and IPsec filtering. [b]The filter engine contains approximately 10 user-mode filtering layers.[/b]

Microsoft MSDN

i delete one driver and comodo install have no error, works great with microsoft virtual pc.