CIS 4.1.149672.916 ehm... Something weird happened

Something weird happened after installed CIS 4.1.149672.916. In some occasion i have experienced on either keyboard/mouse cannot type/click something on the desktop ??? It happened when i open GUI CIS to do some setting inside, or when i did right click the icon CIS on tray, eg. to disable/enable sandbox. I am sure that… If i move the mouse over pop up the modes there & after the mouse arrow left, then all the pop up (or dropdown) should be cleared. But if it’s not clear up or like freeze (when it should be) after the mouse arrow left, then i will cause keyboard/mouse cannot highlighted/choose/click icon on the desktop. If i did not do anything on the GUI CIS after login/restart, then it’s no problem.
Something problem on the GUI CIS i think… Anybody experienced same as me? Thank you (dev team) for your attention.

This experienced happened on:

  1. 2 Desktop PCs with OS: Win XP Pro SP3 x32
  2. 1 Laptop with OS: Win XP Pro SP3 x32
  3. 1 Laptop with OS: Win 7 Ultimate x32

Yeah… not only me.
It’s a bug & temp workaround (
Ask by myself & Answer by myself ;D