CIS 4.0.x.742 Next Update?

When will the Next update take place to fix mirror bug or major upgrade?

I hope the sandboxing will really be fixed. Because what’s the point of having it, if it doesn’t do its job.
I wouldn’t mind adjusting restriction level for automatic sandboxing, but just fixing it will be enough for now.

Those of us that were hoping for a Sandboxie like module will second that.

i really know i was. +1

Still have not recevied any and it’s be a week. any idea when updates will take in place?

No idea. We haven’t heard anything from Melih or egemen yet. It was expected this week; but the work day on the American East Coast has not ended yet. It is only 1.53 pm there at the moment of writing…:wink:

Corrections: there was never a promised or expected date. Note the word “hopefully” by Egemen.

I stand corrected.

From writing this: Time now is 6:18PM in New York where Comodo’s HQ is, and where Melih and Egemen are too. I don’t think we will see a release today. Early next week I think. Just tried checking for updates in CIS, none are available. Normally a user would point out “Got a update for this etc” before a announcement is made by Egemen, and before he even logs onto the forums. So the update is not on the servers.


is there any new news on a release this week?


BTW, CIS 4 supposed to introduce a completely new GUI as an effect of usability study team work. When can we expect an update with GUI on truly new foundations?

Hello Bucic. There are numerous posts in the forums that state the Gui will probably be fully overhauled and therefore help with usability with version 5 . That said and we are still on version 4… and a bit, we have some way to go, so lets just be happy for what Cis is at the moment, free, effective, light on the system and if configured properly, not including faulty sandbox,the most effective suite overall in prevention, detection, around. Thats just my opinion!, based on personal and other tests done on the web.

Dave1234. ,

So we shouldn’t hold our breaths. That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks.

Not any time soon. My best guess is to expect it with 4.5 or 5.0.

CIS4 failed with new GUI. What makes you think CIS5 wont? After som many lies about what will CIS4 bring to us, who believe in dev’s promises anymore?

I don’t!

do have a point we were promised a new GUI no just color

Hello Chaps. I know WE feel let down in saying we were promised a shiny new Gui ( The red colour blinds you to the point of looking as if we have had a hard night on the ■■■■!) but i can live with it as what i am interested in is prevention and detection in that order, full stop.Plenty people have lived with Aviras and Avasts horrible Guis for a long time on the basis of decent protection and detection and they finally got round to making things more shiny and more user friendly.Comodo will get there as well.

Cis the faulty sandbox aside, provides a pretty bulletproof set up already when Firewall, Av, and D+ ARE ALL ENABLED, and configured to maximise protection, ie D+ in proactive mode and all executables checked amongst others.

Lets be happy for the time being for the protection Cis offers and the coming fix to the sandbox and sit back and think, All this for free, firewall, Av,D+,behavior blocker to come, and sandbox!!.Avira will charge for a behavior blocker and we all know the best of them miss things, so my opinion is, overall in terms of prevention which is WHAT REALLY MATTERS, Comodo are going in the right direction, and place my trust in a MORE COMPLETE SOLUTION.


Roadmaps change.

I agree with dave1234 that there is a lot of good free stuff in Comodo Internet Security. In time the new GUI will come.

Topic locked as CIS 4.0.138377.779 is now on the updater.