CIS 4.0.x.719 issues

Hi everyone :

I installed the latest build 4.0.x.719 and the installation process went fine, I liked the new installer but when I reboot, I noted that my laptop fan (motherboard or CPU) was at full throttle , I checked it with Sandra Sisoft 2010c and I rollbacked to version 3.14.x and then rebooted as usual (I mean the fan was working as usual), I took 2 pics to share with you

The second issue was that I couldn’t open COMODO GUI whitout error, so I found it weird

Thanks in advance
Miguel Angel (V) :comodo110: :■■■■

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The increased temperature would be due to high CPU usage.How long did you observe this for,since it’s not unusual straight after installation? Was your system generally unresponsive at this time?

I noted the fan high activity after rebooting from CIS 4.0 Beta installation. In fact now I’m posting this topic, chatting in MSN and Sandra Sisoft is telling me that there are refreshing 46° C so, I guess that the betas perform a process consuming more CPU cycles.

Thanks in advance

Miguel Angel

Using the RC 716 at the moment.

Today, for some unknown reason, and after 5+ days of installing the RC, my CPU usage suddenly surge to 74-75% and it has maintain that hold for the last half an hour. what is going on?

I cannot even open the CIS main windows. I keep clicking on the notification icon but it has not appeared.

I had similar today caused by Windows updates, the culprit was TrustedInstaller.exe following the restart.

Yes Miguel I noticed heavy resource usage following installation.It took a couple of reboots before things settled down.