CIS 4.0 Virus Fenomen - pics

  1. CIS detects something…like a virus
  2. Alert box appears, but its unusable, its white with no buttons.

Clicking the white box doesnt do anything.
Clicking the CIS tray icon crashes the program.
This time i waited 2 minutes and the box disappeared itself and CIS didnt crash.

FENOMEN is that the box disappeared when Avira 10 detected it 2 minutes later.
How may Avira and CIS 4.0 interfere each other.

CIS still made a log into the Antivirus Event box about the virus with the action of detect->ask and both where successful.

Im using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, fully updated. Have installed Spybot, superantispyware, malwarebytes.
2 GB RAM 200 MHz DDR400.
CPU 3.04 GHz Pentium 2 Hyper-Threading
80 GB Excelstore HDD SATA 2
Videocard x550 256MB ATI

Please help and thant you guys

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Why are you using 2 AV’s simultaneously? ???

Double protection???

For example, CIS 4.0 doesnt detect those constantly created temp files. (new post)
Isnt it more secure to have 2 antivirus programs?

Actually the question isnt about why i have 2 antivirus programs, the question is WHY IS THE ALERT BOX WHITE?..Avira cant affect that…right :D??

Maybe, but you’re opened to troubles. :smiley:

IMO 3 layered protection offered by CIS is more than enough for a casual home user.
If you’re a security freak then you can use another gazzillion of security software but it’s overwhelming.

But still, how can Avira affect the performance of CIS in the graphical use ?

Any tests i can do to figure it out?
…turning off Avira 10?
…reinstalling CIS?
…changing the theme?

Havent you had this kind of problem?
Try using Avira 10 and CIS 4 together :smiley:
They should fight over virus quarantining but not GUI usage :smiley:

Comodo: “Hey thats my virus”
Avira:" No, I found it first"

If you have two real-time scanners running simultaneously they can interfere with each other. I think this is what’s happening here.

Please disable the real-time scanning ability of one or the other. If you want you can still perform on-demand tests with the other program from time to time, but do not have both set to real-time scanning.

Your computer is actually less secure with both running then with just one.

this is the third person reporting this bug. I have it also.

When people report of somekind of a bug or error, thats half a win.

Is these also a fix or a solution?

When you are using two AVs they are always interfering each other, the white box is the best proof, CIS found something and is accessing the file, at this time Avira is detecting an access to a file that is a virus so it is trying to do the same as CIS, clean the file. Windows on the other hand have no clue what to do, so it crashes one of the programs.

Using two AVs is also slowing down your PC, big-time.

You don’t really have more protection, you have more problems, the two AVs are interfering each other and crashing (sometime without your notice) and so it can happen that they both miss a Virus cause they just crashed.

I tried almost every combination(in my 16 Years doing this) and none is working, if you have a AV then use only one to be safe(but please don’t use Norton), you can also work without a AV, if you know what you are doing, I did it for almost two years and never had a virus (did a online check every once in awhile) but you shouldn’t go without a Firewall. Since you are using Limewire you should probably keep at least one AV.



Your solution is simple, uninstall Avira, then you are fine. Ever tried to use Kaspersky and Bitdefender on one machine (supposedly the number one and two in the AV market), you need at least 4 cores and 4GB RAM and then your PC is acting like 1Ghz P III with 256 Ram and Windows 7 on it, everything takes a while but at least no Stress…

Avira takes very little ram and cpu.
Its good for old computer and it detects more, even if its false positive.
But thanks for the answer.

Now i have to still figure out what program is creating those temp files

One said that comodo database updates use CB(random number).temp
but i get more letters and numbers (CBCE6C.tmp)

the problem is not coming from avira, I have the same white square too and I don’t have anything else installed.

Well then it is wierd and needs further investigation.

Maybe one of Comodos services crash ? like the GUI service :smiley: dont know :smiley: