CIS 4.0 Beta 4.0.129536.679 slows my PC

Hi :
I installed CIS 4.0.129536.679 on my laptop , and today I realized that my laptop was slow when I was surfing the net especially with IE 8, so I guessed that was the Beta version, so I rolled back to version 3.14.x. and all went normal, my PC is responsive.

I’m using :
Windows 7 Ultimate x64, avast 5.0.418 Free, Ad-Aware 8.2, MBAM (latest version)

P.S : I don’t mean to alarm other users, but unfortunately experienced this issue. To discard things I’m posting this issue with Internet Explorer instead Firefox just to make sure my point

MiguelAngelXP (V) :■■■■

I am with you on the observation of speed.

I am on older hardware, check my signature, and I am usually on Win 7. Currently I am doing some maintenance on my Vista installation with the old 3.14 and it is snappier than my Win 7 when browsing with Opera… ???

Maybe it’s me but why not use the latest beta version?