CIS 4.0.141842.828 installers - With No LPS

There is some confusion with the New installers.

Different sizes, etc.

The official installers now have the LPS module built in.
They are 59.3 MB for x86 and 61MB for x64.

These unofficial links deliver the installers without Live PC Support.

32 bit 41.52 MB
SHA1 - 7A2FBF976E92A09DD0D45E7873A9D57F1275D33E

64 bit 43.16 MB
SHA1 - 288D87498CF33F32B81AEF8D5DF5D43D1871EC3C

The Official Installers with LPS can be downloaded here.


Thank you for the links Bad Frogger.

The official links are .exe installers :-TU(with LPS :-TD) and the links you have provided are
.msi installers :-TD(without LPS :-TU).
Do you know why the .msi installers are not an .exe installers?

You know Bad that you are not bad for a Bad Frogger,you know what i mean. :-[ :slight_smile:
Sorry if i offended you and i think Bad Frogger is a nice name. 8)

You’re welcome :wink:

Why the .msi files vs .exe I don’t know.
The larger .exe’s contain the .msi’s for CIS and LPS.

No offense taken on the name thing (:SHY)


Well some people reported that they have trouble installing CIS with an .msi installer.

I still think that you have a nice name. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using one of the msi to exe converter utilities? There are several around, just run a quick search.

You’ll find most of the demo versions insert a popup in the converted exe, telling you it was converted by application xyz, but you only have to run the installation once.

I don’t have any problems .msi installers and i installed CIS with an .exe installer(that is
where i realized that live pc support installed itself without my approval and i uninstalled it).

Msi to .exe converter is a good idea and i am sure that it will be very helpful for people
who have trouble with .msi installers.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Actually, the .exe files are ONLY wrappers to the .msi files …

Even IF you use the .exe files, the program actually extracts the .msi files and installs from the .msi …

In my case I chose NOT to install after extraction and just did the .msi installation for CIS without installing the LPS …

What is LPS? Describe the simpler, potiomu that I do not know much about the terminology of the firewall.

LPS means Live PC Support.

No problem with upgrading from v3 and installing CIS 4.0.141842.828 MSI x86 no LPS version … even with the old windows installer v3 on XP 32 bits SP3.

I first uncheck everything in CIS 3, reboot, uninstall CIS3, reboot, Clean the registry keys left in safe mode before installing CIS 4. It works like a charm THANKS :wink: