CIS 4.0.14 - Slowing LAN FTP

I just migrated from CIS Version 3 to CIS 4.0 on a Windows XP SP2 box. This box runs an FTP server. Since upgrading to CIS Version 4 (Firewall), my FTP’s on a Local LAN connection have slowed from 3.0 MB/Sec to 250-400KB/Sec. A huge difference.

First I deactivated Defense+ and Firewall +. No change there. Then removed CIS 4. My FTP’s go back to 3.0 MB/Sec. Reinstalled JUST CIS Firewall (no Defense+). FTP’s back down to 250-400KB/Sec.

Removed CIS 4 yet again and I’m back to 3.0 MB/Sec throughput. I had this problem waaaay back in the beta 3.x days.

I’ve reverted back to Version 3 and the FTP’s are running normally now.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


That’s striking difference. How did you deactivate D+? Does your FTP program get sandboxed?


To deactivate Defense + the first time, I went to the system tray, hit defense+ and set to security level to disabled. The second time around, I didn’t even install Defense+, just the firewall.

This is a point-to-point FTP using FileZilla Server on the serverside and Save2FTP on the client side.