CIS 4.0.138377.779 GUI GLITCHES

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Comodo Internet Security Free 4.0.138377.77

Summary tab GUI glitch

[Edit by Whoop: I changed the title of this thread from “CIS 4.0.138377.779 GUI GLITCH” to “CIS 4.0.138377.779 GUI GLITCHES” since a few other GUI glitches have been posted.]

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You mean the dotted selection line?


I don’t get the dotted lines either with 779 on Win 7 32 bits.

I see them with 779 on Win7 x64.

I have them on XP Pro, Win7 64 and 32bit.

Pretty normal for English,
If you don’t see them do you have some lang. pack?


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It’s about the dots around the Summary button. Dch48’s question threw confusion in the mix.

OMG…LOL those are dots.

OK, I have that, If you select any other choice the dots appear if you click again.

So perhaps It’s caused by the Summary being the default window?

Due to confusion, I moved this thread here from the Bug board. My apologies.

So if this is a Bug or unintended glitch in your opinion move it back by all means.
I gotta run


The dots show up on the other buttons, but only if you hold the mouse button down. They disappear as soon as you release the mouse button.
The Summary button, on the other hand, keeps the dots surrounding it even after releasing the mouse button.
This would be a GUI display bug only. (a minor issue at best).

MMM maybe I did confuse things, but, as you can see, the dots are not there for me.
I never get them either while holding the mouse on the selection or otherwise. When I hold the mouse over one of the choices the whole selection area turns a very light pink shading to a darker pink at the bottom.

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Has to do with the TAB order focus.

I don’t have them if i click somewhere in the lower part of the GUI, but then press TAB a few times and the “dots” will start running around the buttons.
Win7 x32 can anyone confirm?

If the dots are around Summary, click again somewhere in the lower part of the GUI and it “disappears” at least on my system.

I get the dots also. It happens in the following situations:

  1. Press and hold the left mouse button while selecting the tabs at the top of the CIS window. The dotted line appears on all tabs when the left mouse button is pressed and held. In the Antivirus, firewall, defense+, and More tabs, the dotted line disappears when I release the mouse button. However, in the Summary tab, the dotted line remains when I release the mouse button (as shown on the the first pic in this thread). The posts above by John and Eric also mention this exact finding.

  2. When you open the antivirus, firewall, and defense+ tabs, the “Common tasks” tab on the left has a dotted line around it (see pic below) until you click on another tab. Also, when you press and hold the left mouse button on any of the task tabs, the dotted line appears. When you release the mouse button the dotted line disappears.

Also, I can confirm the following findings:

  1. Pressing the tab key moves the dots to the next tab (when the focus is in the tabs across the top of the CIS window and when it is in the left hand side task menu).

  2. If the dots are around the Summary tab, clicking somewhere in the lower part of the GUI causes the dotted line to disappears. However, if the dots are around the common tasks tab on the left, clicking somewhere else in the GUI does not get rid of the dotted line.

XP SP3 32 bit


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I found another instance when the dotted line appears.
If you select one of the tabs at the top of the CIS window (e.g. firewall tab), then close the CIS window. Now re-open CIS. The tab you selected appears with the dotted line around it (firewall tab example shown in pic).

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I guess it’s only a W7 problem since I never get them on XP.

My system is XP SP3 and I get them every time I use CIS

Interestingly odd I use Win 7 x32 and I get no dots in either scenarios as described by Whoop and Ronny.

Dots are interesting? Two pages for a possible bug with dots?

I’ll have to see for myself when I install it. What can be so captivating about this wonderland of dots ;D

Are we talking about a supposedly world class Internet Security Suite here? Pathetic :smiley:

Then maybe it’s a GPU specific or graphics driver glitch. I have ATI and don’t ever see them with XP SP3.

There’s also nothing pathetic about discussing this. A glitch is a glitch.

Sandbox alert window: missing line + not straight line.

Windows XP SP3

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