CIS 3 says no updates

I assume that CIS3 is still being kept updated and is current since there is no available update to CIS4 from within CIS3, if not why the continued delay in this ability?

I am told I can uninstall and reinstall but that seems to be rather chancy with Comodo’s history of giving messages that an old version is still installed even though Comodo’s own uninstall and/or outside vendor uninstallers were used.

If you are using version 3 chances are you are not going to see any updates. This is provided that this is just the firewall and I am not sure about the anti-virus since I did not install it.

I had installed the 2nd release of version 4 and it had notified me about updates being available. So I guess to answer your question you will just have to get version 4.

Just checked my V3 CIS and I get updates, works fine.
I would say you go here:

get the whole database, turn AV and Firewall of, switch the Database and reboot, don’t forget to turn AV and Firewall back ON, then you can observe if you get updates.

I had a database Problem twice last week, something goes wrong with the update and the cmdagent goes to 100% CPU usage, then you also download the database, switch it, reboot and you are up and running…



P.S. You can also look at this:

For now and near future there are and will be av definition updates for 3.14. There will be no program updates for the 3.1x branch. All program updates are for the v4 branch.

Comodo promised to make it possible to update from 3.14 to v4 using the program updater without having to uninstall. However, we are still waiting for that.