CIS 3 + Mirrorfolder 4 = crash (V3.9.95478.509 X32)

1. CPU: 64-bit AMD Athlon and 64-bit Intel Core2 Duo
2. O/S: Windows XP Home 32-bit SP2
3. Security Apps: CIS
4. Reproduction:
A Win XP SP2 computer with CIS 3 installed
B Install MirrorFolder 4.1.196 (the latest as of this date)
C Reboot computer (required after install)
D Computer reboots normally to the ‘windows is starting…’ and ‘welcome’ blue screens, and startup wave file plays, after which computer is hung, ctl-alt-del won’t reboot, and must press reset button.
5. Resolution:
A If, after MirrorFolder is installed and before reboot, the MirrorFolder service is disabled so it won’t load at boot, then computer boots fine (but of course MirrorFolder is non-operational).
B If, after MirrorFolder is installed and before reboot, the CIS services are disabled so they won’t load at boot, then computer boots fine (but of course CIS is non-operational).
C See further notes below, including MirrorFolder support response.
6. CIS Modes: Defense+ mode Safe Mode. Firewall mode Custom Policy Mode.
7. BSODs: Since this is not an actual BSOD, nor a spontaneous reboot (the above mentioned reboot is required after MirrorFolder is installed), I did not post in the BSODs thread. Since I’m not sure whether it is CIS’s Defense+ service or CIS’s Firewall service which is conflicting with the MirrorFolder service, I posted in the General forum. If a moderator wishes to move to another forum, please do so.
8. Account: Administrator.

9. Further Information:

This is the latest version of MirrorFolder. I have tried using both the trial version, and the purchased/registered/full version, with exactly the same results.

Have had exactly the same results on two different computers, with entirely different hardware, but exactly the same software, as described above. BUT, have been able to successfully install MirrorFolder on a third computer which uses the same O/S and most other same software as the first two computers, but does not have CIS installed, but has a different firewall.

It seems quite clear there is a conflict between the CIS services and the MirrorFolder service. I submitted a ticket to MirrorFolder support with the above information, and this was their response:

Confirmation of this is that another user has experienced the same issue, and has posted here.

Sincerely desiring a resolution, as I don’t wish to give up either CIS nor MirrorFolder.

So what’s the scoop? Should I expect (hope) to receive a reply from one of the developers? Should I expect (hope) for a resolution?

As with most companies you won’t get a reply from the devs unless they need additional information. The devs do most certainly read the bugs boards and will have taken notice of it.

However after submitting a bug we are left in the dark and the bug is in the Black Hole… we suffer in silence… :wink: Sorry, I can’t make it any better…

Thanks for the reply, Eric. I do understand (that is, I do understand that it is that way; I don’t understand at all that it has to be that way: for an example of a company which is quite the opposite, check out Universal Devices and their forum). I understand also that it is not in your hands to change it :wink: .

But, on the chance that the issue is actually corrected, how will I ever know?

Keep an eye on the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS board for the announcements of the new releases they always contain the change logs. The forums get the news, download and change logs days before the web site does.

There have been some major changes from 3.9 to 3.12.
Can you please test if CIS 3.12 still suffers from this issue ?

Try 3.12 as a clean install without importing your 3.9 configuration. The latter is because there have been changes to the way rules are stored in the registry and to the AV updater mechanism.

Thanks for the replies.

Okay, I installed 3.12 as an update, but the problem persisted.

Next, I completely uninstalled Comodo, then did a clean full install of 3.12. After this I installed MirrorFolder again, but the exact same problem occurs: Windows hangs at the Welcome screen, ctrl-alt-del won’t recover, and must press reset button.

Booting to safe mode and disabling the MirrorFolder service and shell allows Windows to boot normally once again.

But it seems as though I will have to give up on the idea of MirrorFolder and CIS working together.