CIS 3.9

Great work on CIS 3.9. Less intrusion alerts from known safe applications and overall things run smoother. A suggestion would be to add the option in CAV to do a boot time scan. Thanks for your hard work in making 3.9 the best and safest version yet. Included a link below on tests that were done on numerous firewalls and Comodo Firewall with Defense+ reigns supreme.

Firewall rated at the top on

Matousec is well known and has been out for years so nothing new there. OA Paid is on top BTW not CIS.

Matousec didn’t test 3.9, yet.

3.9 with Proactive settings should give same/better protection level, I guess…

Let’s see when Matousec gets their hands on 3.9.

Please see this. CIS will never get 100%.