CIS 3.9 slow at allowing internet access


I very recently upgraded to 3.9 (with Firewall and AntiVirus) and now when i connect to the internet for a search there seems to be quite a delay. Could this be the action of the firewall or were there no changes made that could cause this. Looking at the system tray icon - does it indicate just outbound and inbound traffic only. It seems that there is also a small red arrow at the top left and a small green arrow bottom right. This happens several times for about 10 seconds then it appears to allow lots of traffic and finally the page begins to load. This slowness appears to have happened since 3.9 installed.

Any thoughts?


Hello, you updated, this means you went from one version of CIS to 3.9?

This is what I would try first:

  1. Set the Antivirus to stateful.

  2. Purge the D+ and Firewall list (the purge function will delete rules for programs that no longer exists.) D+ rule list are found at: Defense+ > Advanced > Computer security policy… (click purge)

The firewall list are found at: Firewall > Advanced > Network security policy… (click purge)

  1. make sure you have the latest 3.9.95478.509 (Check Misc > about) comodo issued 2 quick bug fix releases to 3.9 recently… =)
  • Did you do a fresh install or an auto update? And can you remember what version you used prior to updating?

In answer

  1. changed to stateful
  2. I purge these very regularly
    3)I already have 3.9.95478.509
    Im a fanatical updater - would have been the latest = 3.8? I did not do a fresh install I used the auto update

Does stateful make much difference?


Statfull makes a huge diffrence.

You open a program all it loads get scanned if its found to be clean it wont be scanned until the next AV update. meaning the program starts faster.

OK - on that basis to check should I have Firewall and defense+ both set to Safe mode? I have done for some time but maybe this is too high?


Can you explain in more detail what you mean with "when i connect to the internet for a search "? What browser are you using? What search engine are you using? Do you have a search bar for that search engine installed?

No, I don’t think so. I run both in safe mode and have no problems. Many run at an even higher level and I don’t think they would do so if their browsing experience was hampered in the way you mention. I think there is another factor causing the issue. As EricJH suggested, we need more information to go on here.


Using firefox - have google Toolbar but in minimal form - spell check translate and auto fill. XP SP3 &mb Internet connection, SATA drives, 1.5Gb memory. using google search - there seems to be a constant wait for abaout 10 -15 seconds - I can see the system tray icon and there a few flashes of CIS icon and then after the 10-15 sec wait it goes mad and the page loads. This has only happened since CIS 3.9 no config changes on my PC - just noticed it since upgraded.

Let me know if u need more info. All my software is bang up to date.


Your issue is NOT to be expected, anyhow.

FF add-ons?

CIS rules for FF?

Did you have tried with IE?

No safe mode is not to high…
I suggest maby trying a reinstall of CIS… =/

Or if you believe your computer is slow in general maby try some on demand scanners such as A2 free and Super antispyware free (make sure they don’t start with the computer as this slows your booting time…=)…

One more thing I would check is “add remove programs”…

If present try uninstalling safesurf and ask toolbar… =O

Some trouble shooting you can do yourself is trying to disable D+ and start FF and see if it goes faster, if so then the problem probably lies with CIS D+ module…

And the same with the firewall, try disabling it just for a moment and see if the same slowness for FF is there… If so maby there is somerules there that slowes stuff up… =O

You can also try inactivating the AV, But make sure you reactivate them after… =)

If the slowness is still there despite inactivating the D+, firewall and so on then maby you have issues with firefox… =O

Thanks for your input.

An update

System spec
2.66Ghz pentium, 1.5Gb RAM, 2 SATA Drives, ASUS MoBo with 800Mhz FSB, XP Pro SP3, 7Mb Internet Connection using Ethernet so my system should be reasonable performance.

I use mainly FF3. Addons are XMarks (Foxmarks), Dictionary, EBay companion, Secure Login, Logmein, IE Tab, Google Toolbar with only Spell Check, Translate and Autofill installed.

I have uninstalled CIS and run Comodo System Cleaner. (I have others but a good advert!). Without CIS there is definitely some improvement with little lag - as I would expect - one less thing to do.

I then downloaded and reinstalled, scanned updated etc. No safe surf ask toolbar etc All rules are standard - the only thing not default would be any allow as trusted application eminating from Firewall popup for normal applications Skype etc. CIS set to Stateful for AV and Safe Mode for FWall Defense+.

My initial reaction is that it seems a little quicker but would like to run for a day or so to determine performance. I use a google home page for searching and this is where there was significant (in my view) delay previously. It seems better but only done a few searches to get an initial reaction. I will run with this config for a few days and see.

If you need any further input please let me know. I will also experiment with the disable D+ and other suggestions.