CIS 3.9 problem!

First significant problem I’ve ever seen with CIS. It’s been hard to diagnose but CIS seems to be the culprit here. Using the latest stable version (.509)

Opening IE 8 sandboxed (using Sandboxie) causes IE to open and completely stall (it doesn’t load up my home page) and I can’t use the window. The only way to shut IE 8 down is via the Task Manager or by using Terminate program via Sandboxie. The weird thing is that it doesn’t always happen. However, I can reliably reproduce this issue by waiting a few minutes after each windows boot-up and then trying to execute IE 8 sandboxed.

If I uninstall CIS, I don’t get the problem above at all. I’ve also noticed that there is no problem with IE 7.

I am fairly sure the latest CIS version is the problem though (.509 version), as I had not noticed any issues with .508 and before. Any help will be apprieciated. Please post confirmation of this problem if you notice it too. Thanks!

EDIT: Using all components of CIS: Firewall, Defense+, and Antivirus.

Narrowed the culprit even further! I just re-installed CIS without the Antivirus component and all is working perfectly again. Something must have happened to the Antivirus component between versions .508 and .509 perhaps?

EDIT: By the way, I’ve tried re-installing the full CIS several times but keep having the problem above. It’s only if the Antivirus component is NOT installed that I have no problem.

I can run FF sandboxed with no problems what so ever.

The issue is IE 8 my friend. Running Firefox sandboxed very smoothly here too.

I am now 100% sure that it is the Antivirus component that is causing the problem. I re-installed CIS but disabled the AV and everything runs smoothly. If I enable real-time scanning, either as “On Access” or “Stateful”, I see the problem in the original post return.

I suspect this is going to be an extremely hard issue to resolve. Therefore, I’ll probably leave the Antivirus behind and use Avira Free real-time soon.

Thanks for moving my thread to the appropriate topic. I have also sent ■■■ to various staff members about this issue.

I am going to test CIS build .508 (or even .507) to see if the problem was there before.

In the mean time, it would be great if someone could reproduce this issue. I do understand that not many people are using IE 8, Sandboxie and CIS .509 in combination, but it would be great if some people tested that combination specifically.

EDIT: Just to update this issue. Things were never resolved unfortunately.

Despite re-installing all of IE 8, Sandboxie and CIS 3.9, the same problem keeps recurring.

Anyway, Avira 9 Free is now currently running real-time and I am amazed at how light it is. No problems opening IE 8 sandboxed whatsoever either! I’m happily using Comodo Firewall with Defense+ in combination with Avira Free. Amazing stuff!

I am not the only one with this problem! Anyway, I’ve switched to Avira.