CIS 3.9 - bad upgrade from 3.5 - now it is not possible to install it

Hello, I tried to use new version of CIS 3.9 on my laptop. There was installed version 3.5. During reinstallation I did many wrongs. First I uninstall 3.5 and without restart I install 3.9. Then I have restarted laptop, but CIS did not start.

So I decided to unistall it, restart and then try new installation. But when I used Add/Remove programs CIS was removed immediately without asking anything. It looks like it deleted only the name from the list in Add/Remove… So I looked to Program files and because directory COMODO was still there I have deleted it and then restart.

Now when I try to install CIS 3.9 it shows only message COMODO Internet Security is installed. Do you want to unistall it or add/remoce function? YES/NO. I tried both options but nothing happens.

Welcome Jerry7650!

You have a corrupted installation. Download the tool below attached, Unzip, Run it, then reboot. Then download and run Comodo System Cleaner. Power Clean your computer, And Reboot (You also have a chance to recover if anything goes wrong with the technology that when you reboot, you can check to make sure everything is OK then finalize). It’s 100% Safe cleaning just make sure you click “Yes” when you clean the Registry, Disk and Privacy for Safe Deletion.

Now you can go ahead and download and install CIS v3.9 Release Candidate.

Let me know how it goes.


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Hello 3xist,
thank you very much for your quick answer!

Unfortunattely it didnt help. Even COMODO Registry Cleaner shows problems: Runtime Error!
Program C:/…/csc.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

If I dont click OK in this message box I can use the program (otherwise its closed), so it found some error and repaired it. But it didnt help. I have done few restarts, tried to do everthing in Safe mode of XP, but with same result.

Unfortunatelly It looks that only clean installation of OS will help.

Try the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.

More info and download at


Usually this helps. Download regcleaner and install it. Then take out all references to Comodo firewall and Comodo Internet Security.

Does that help?

Windows Installer Cleanup Utility won’t work here because the Microsoft Installer is not used by Comodo.