CIS 3.9.95478.509 doesn't show all active processes [update]

Hello there,

Today I discovered another bug: CIS doesn’t show all active processes.
In the summary tab it says that 75 applications are running, but if I go to Active Process List only about 30 are shown.
In the Task Manager all are being displayed correctly.

  1. 64bit
  2. Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 (with all patches installed, except two)
  3. Avira Antivir Personal, BOclean 4.27, CIS, CMF, SafeSurf, Windows Defender
  4. Don’t know (:SAD)
  5. Switching configurations doesn’t solve this; a reboot probably does but haven’t tried it yet
    UPDATE: Rebooting seems to have fixed this.
  6. Firewall set to Safe Mode, Defense+ to Clean PC Mode (Proactive Security; IE catalogues added to My Blocked Files)
  7. Hasn’t happened (yet).
  8. Administrator account with UAC disabled

Attaching screenshots

Hope this helps!

PS Please count if the number of applications displayed in the Active Processes List matches the number shown in the Summary tab on your computers.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Now it says that 74 applications are running whereas only 55 are being displayed.

Can anyone confirm this bug?


PS The diagnostic utility didn’t find any problem.

I see you have 38 programs waiting for your review. AMay be there are counted as well (approx 30 + 38 could be the total of 75? Go to my pending files and first purge files. Then for the ones left after purging either delete them or make them trusted.

Is the counter down after the above action?

The files I’ve got in My Pending Files are Avira’s updates for the most part and update files of other programs. And yes I do purge them every now and then.
At the time of my writing the second post applications innitiated by explorer.exe (and explorer.exe itself) were not displayed (which is strange, isn’t it?)

Yes, if I delete/move the files listed in My Pending Files the counter goes down to 0, I hope that’s what you wanted me to do, at least.(:TNG)

On second thoughts, I realized that I might not have understood you correctly EricJH. Could you be more specific about which counter you meant? (the one indicating how many applications are running or the one telling me how many apps are “waiting for my review”)

In my previous post I meant the second counter, the first one is working fine and a correct number of processes is being displayed.

Thanks and sorry for my possible misunderstanding of your post.

I meant the counter of the number of active applications in the Summary screen. I wondered if when flushing the Pending files list would bring down the count in the active applications (In the Summary screen).

No, it didn’t. :SMLR


It looks like yo may have found a bug as far as I can tell.

Sounds like it. And I hope it’ll get fixed quickly. (:TNG)

Best regards


Hi there, I was going to report this bug when I found this post.

This bug has been happening for quite some time. This bug happens with previous versions.

Windows XP sp3, Avira AntiVir Premium and administrative account.

Here are images when Comodo displays everything correctly:

And here images when it displays it badly:

I have to say, that there is no sign as to when this changes. I leave the computer on for 1 to 2 days and then boom it just changes.

As I said, this happens to previous versions for quite some time now. The version of CIS that I have installed right now is the latest one without the AV part.

Again the same problem. (:SAD)

At the moment CIS is indicating that 73 applications are running, but only a handful of them is being displayed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think this topic should be in Defense+ Bugs section instead of Other - General - GUI etc Bugs section.

If the applications are not shown and badly counted maybe they are not controlled by Defense+. These figures and images are from Defense+ window and are repeated in the Summary window as a quick peak.

I think this topic should be a high priority to fix, but from what I see there is no interaction with members that have a direct impact on CIS development.


I’ve never had your exact problem, but ever since the last update, every now and then when I view the currently running processes in CIS, “explorer.exe” is sometimes missing and the programs that are usually shown that have been started by explorer.exe (e.g. firefox.exe, cfp.exe, etc.) are just listed there (not shown as started by anything). Maybe this is related to your problem.

Vista Home Premium + SP1 (32bit), UAC Off
CIS 3.5, Custom Policy, Paranoid Mode; MS WD

The COMODO Developers view all bug topics. :slight_smile:

The problem you are refering to I have it too. For this one I know when it happens (or at least thats what I think). When this happens to me its when explorer.exe ends unexpectedly for some kind of problem and then executes again.

This has happened to me not only with the last update of Comodo but with the ones before.

Windows XP Pro SP3.


Yep, the same here.

You’re probably right. I’ve only just noticed it some time ago.

This bug is still present in the latest version.

My system details:

  1. Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1
  2. CIS (.509), Avira Antivir Personal (latest version; on-demand only), Windows Defender (real-time), MBAM, SAS->both on demand only; portable ccleaner
    Firewall settings: Safe Mode; stealth my ports to everyone, protect the ARP cache, block gratuitous ARP frames, first three boxes checked in the “Miscellaneous” tab, keep an alert on screen for 600sec.

Defense+ settings: Clean PC Mode; image execution control set to normal, detect schellcode injections checked, trust the applications digitally signed by TSV, every box checked in “Monitor Settings”, keep an alert on screen for 600sec.
7. I’m not on a virtual system. Proactive configuration. Windows Firewall is disabled. Administrator account with UAC disabled. I’m on proactive configuration.
Anything else is at default settings.